Barren Co. Property Transfers – Week of Nov. 30, 2020

GLASGOW, Ky. – The following property transfers occurred from  Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, 2020. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioners deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

Nov. 30, 2020:

The Estate of Luther Rogers Wells Jr., The Three Beavers Corporation and DBA Harmony Hill Inc.  to The Lester Damon Bale III Trust, 3 Parcels, Bluff Springs Road, $516,275.

The Estate of Luther Rogers Wells Jr. to Lester Damon Bale III Trust, 2.944 acres, Bluff Springs Road, $101,650.

Bonita D. Elmore to Larry Gibbons, 2 Tracts, Lexington Drive, $37,500.

Ira R. Borntreger and Laura A. Borntreger to Perry E. Borntreger, Noah P. Borntreger and Alta N. Borntreger, 39.094 acres, J.B. Denham Road, $230,000.

Phillip W. Bale and Kristen Bale to Megan B. Nelson and Garnett W. Bale, Lot 12, Paradise Peninsula.

Phillip W. Bale and Kristen Bale to Lindsey B. Howard, Lot 7, Paradise Peninsula.

Christopher N. Boggs and Traci K. Boggs to Mindy S. Huber, 2 Lots (59 and 60), Ridgecrest Avenue, $275,000.

Erin L. Marshall Ford to Kenneth R. Ford, 3Parcels, Barren County.

Michael Kise and Faith Kise to William Strode, 6.543 acres, Highway 68/80, $250,000.

Lana Kay Riddle and Lana K. Lovell to Lana Kay Riddle and Rickey D. Lovell Jr., 3.008 acres, Park City-Glasgow Road.

Vickie Jones Perkins to Clinton V. Lister, .610 acres, Brock Lane, $170,000.

Mark Matthews and Becky Matthews to Laura L. Grandel, Lot 4, Donald Pierce Major Subdivision, $74,000.

Toby Pentecost and Jenna L. Petecost to Gail L. Gutierrez, Lot 21 (19,922 sq ft), Shetland Hills, $166,000.

Wayne R. Tibbits and Arlinda Tibbits to Ronnie D. Lindsey and Maretta G. Lindsey, Lot 31, Meadowbrook Subdivision (Block B),  $140,000.

Maretta Lindsey and Ronnie Lindsey to Chelsea L. Johnson and Joshua Pierce, .991 acres, Beaver Creek Boat Ramp Road, $140,000.

Kevin G. Sturgeon to Gary L. Sanders and Betty L. Banks Sanders, 1.590 acres, New Salem Road, $160,000.

Dec. 1, 2020:

Whitney Cianci and Francesco Cianci to Maili Barr, 33 acres, Tompkinsville Road,  $48,000.

George L. Jent and Roel Pena and Sheryl Pena, Lot, Shirley Street, $30,000.

Melissa Brown and Jayson Brown to Coby L. Pennington, 9.566 acres, Mt. Tabor Church Road, $230,000.

Virginia K. Tade to K.L. Real Estate LLC, .413 acres (Lot 5), Greenland Drive, $121,000.

Dec. 2, 2020:

Ray Hishmeh Jr. and Katlin E. Payton to Kevin Greer and Connie Greer, Lot 30, Garnett Grove, $219,350.

Jo Anna H. Dennison and Joyce Hall to Randall R. Cooper and Patricia G. Cooper, .870 acres, Barren County, $5,000.

Terry Shank, Richard T. Alexander II (Trustee) and Cathleen Shank to Terry Shank, Richard T. Alexander II (Trustee) and Cathleen Shank, 2.166 acres, Holly Hill Road.

Terry Shank, Richard T. Alexander II (Trustee) and Cathleen Shank to Terry Shank, Richard T. Alexander II (Trustee) and Cathleen Shank, .807 acres, Siloam Road.

Danny C. Bunch to Central Residential Management LLC, .302 acres, Preston Street, $59,000.

Garry Jones and Teresa Jones to Jonathan Jones and Stephanie Jones, 3.53 acres, Highway 1297 (Old Bowling Green Road).

Douglas E. Chelson and Wendy T. Chelson to Daniel Ribera and Susan V. Ribera, .74 acres, Bristletown Hills Road, $185,000.

Dec. 3, 2020:

Larry L. Ballard to Ellen K. Wood, 2.01 acres, Haywood Cedar Grove Road, $3,000.

Steve Chaplin and Leslie Ann Chaplin to Dennis W. Ray, 1 acre, Highway 90, $92,5000.

Lawrence Rajan to Troy W. Huddleston and Tiffany A. Huddleston, Lots 95A and 96A, Winners Circle, $518,000.

Cheryl Berry (Master Commissioner), WEM Investments LLC, Deborah Armour and Unknown spouse of Deborah Armour to Roy Dial and Patricia Dial, .767 acres, Fant Road.

Betty R. Bailey to Barren County Board of Education, 40.858 acres, Roseville Road, $325,000.

Gregory Gentry to Briana Gentry, 1.034 acres (Tract 1), Tompkinsville Road.

Estate of Vada B. Sexton to Austin C. Honeycutt and Megan R. Sherfey, 1.008 acres (Lot 7), Peterson Road, $128,000.

Betty Lloyd to Danny C. Jones, 2.050 acres, Kingrey Road, $25,000.

Wayne Lloyd to Danny C. Jones, 1.37 acres, Kingrey Road, $20,000.

Dec. 4, 2020:

Everett N. Johnson to Robert Johnson, .65 acres, Payne Loop Road.

Larry M. Isable and Betty J. Isable to Delmer D. Pierce and Carolyn D. Pierce, Lot 37, Goodnight Terrace Subdivision, $120,000.

Bobby W. Jessie to Georgia M. Jessie to Shavanna Wright, Lot 43, Barren County, $12,000.

James C. Smith and Pamela Smith to Christopher R. Hood and Jessica L. Hood, 2 Parcels, Moss Way, $329,500.

Trevor B. Witty and Morgan E. Witty to Samuel A. Brown, 1.336 acres, Matthews Mill Road, $137,000.

Paul Furlong and Tammi Furlong to Jeremy R. Colvin and Pamela J. Colvin, Lot 22, Beaver Bay Subdivision, $8,000.

Clifton Johnson to Samantha Matthews, 2 Parcels, Coral Hill Road, $8,000.

LSC Communications LLC to Contemporary Amperex Technology Kentucky LLC, 2 Parcels, Donnelly Drive, $8,550,000.

Softtouch Land LLC to Glasgow Car Wash II LLC, 1.20 acres, West Main Street, $800,000.

Joseph A. Wilborn to Ritters Mill LLC, .855 acres, Ritters Mill Road, $75,000.