Barren Co. Property Transfers – Week of Nov. 2, 2020

GLASGOW, Ky. – The following property transfers occurred from Nov. 2 to 6, 2020. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

Nov. 2, 2020:

Jon Wirgau to Jess M. Willard and Heather Willard, Lot 232, Cardinal Bay, $293,000.

Mary R. Bushong and Brian M. P. Driver (trustee) to Robert H. Bushong and Brian M. P. Driver (trustee), Tract, Old Oil City Road.

Jeffery S. Mitchell and Leah Mitchell to Brian M. Hodges and Shana R. Hodges, 6.978 acres, Spencer Road,  $414,500.

Elizabeth Ann Bowles to Andrew Bowles, 1.00 acres, Highway 70, $150,000.

James M. Coats Jr. and Amanda J. Coats to Robert Fall II and Laurie A. Falls, .457 acres, Sheila Drive, $127,000.

Casey M. Pennycuff to Darius L. Harpool, Lot 17, Wedgewood Drive, $127,000.

Lori Bennett and Larry Bennett to Joshua R. Holton, .942 acres, Old Bowling Green Road.

Blevins and Blevins LLC to Dorothy R. Riley, .479 acres (Lot 4), New Salem Road, $150,000.

Leslie R. Harlow and Linda Harlow to David T. Stoll and Barbara Ann J. Stoll, Lot, Cherry Street, $70,000.

Robert Knaul to Artisan Homes LLC, Lot 13, Eagles Landing, $50,000.

Richard D. Mays to Ronald Yemmans and Brittany Brown, 1.980 acres (Tract 2A), Billingsley Road, $86,500.

Nov. 4, 2020:

Cheryl Berry (Master Commissioner), Charlotte J. Likens, Unknown heirs of Charlotte J. Likens, City of Glasgow, Barren County, Allen Young, Allan Young to Allan Young, 2 Tracts, Lakeview Drive.

Estate of Larry DeWayne Pierce and Tammy Jessie to Larry Gibbons, Multiple Lots, Van Cleve Heights Subdivision, $47,000.

Eula P. Grinstead to James Memory Coats Jr. and Amanda J. Coats, .316 acres (Lot 3A), Cranbrook Drive, $160,000.

Brenda S. Kirk to Benjamin J. Thomas and Emily Anne Thomas, .380 acres (Lot 22), Sandwood Drive, $143,000.

Phillip Zipf to Danny C. Jones and Rebecca Jones, 4.123 acres, Kingrey Road, $234,000.

Providence Properties KY LLC to Glasgow Apartments LLC, 2 Parcels, Happy Valley Road, $993,405.91.

DRE Real Estate Holdings LLC to Blevins & Blevins LLC, Lots 5 and 6, Tulip Grove Subdivision, $32,500.

Rollin Bacon to Mark Woodcock, 2.190 acres, Green Valley Road, $80,000.

Philip D. Shirley and Margaret A. Shirley to Amy N. Shirley, Multiple Parcels, Coral Hill-Lecta Spur Road.

The Revocable Living Trsut Agreement of Alesia J. Amlung to The Revocable Living Trsut Agreement, Lot 19, Wilkerson Road.

Good Care Properties LLC to Colton K. Barnes and Lauren K. Mowery, Lot, East Main Street, $126,300.

Darrell T. Smith Sr. to Joe M. Stephens and Barbara C. Stephens, Lot 11, Shady Acres, $55,000.

Glenn Thomas and Phyllis Thomas to Stephen Cooper, 1.281 acres (Tract 1B), As shown P21/346, $70,000.

Glenn Thomas and Phyllis Thomas to Stephen Cooper, 2.344 acres (Tract 1A), As shown P21/346, $50,000.

Matthew T. Wells to Tad Hamilton, 1.54 acres (Tract 3), Finney Road, $80,000.

John M. Stephens and Mary B. Stephens to Stith Valley Company LLC, 33.74 acres (Lot 3B), Lick Branch Road, $85,000.

John M. Stephens and Mary B. Stephens to John T. Winter and Valynn Winter, 15.36 acres, Lick Branch Road, $455,000.

Joseph D. Austin and Rebecca J. Austin to Brian Donnelly, Multiple tracts P10/178, Joe and Becky Austin Division, $22,000.

Nov. 5, 2020:

Benjamin P. Kidd and Tiffany D. Kidd to Camron C. Smothers and Morgan E. Smothers, 2 Lots, West Cherry Street, $135,000.

Estate of Ruth Stephens to Charles M. Cochran and Stella Aileen Cochran, Lot 17, Highlander Estates, $135,000.

James W. Duvall and Hazel M. Duvall to Kevin Kelly and Ann Kelly, 1.00 acres, 1449 Rex Bartley County Road, $4,300.

Jacob D. Brown and Amanda B. Brown to Larry M. Smith and Leslie June Smith, .875 acres, New Salem Road, $210,000.

Nov. 6, 2020:

John Young and Emilie Young to Laura S. Shade, .938 acres (Lot 17G), Barren Trace, $20,000.

John Young and Emilie Young to Renee S. Compton, .578 acres, Barren Trace, $20,000.

Gregory S. Weir and Lesley B. Weir to John M. Stephens and Brook H. Stephens, .592 acres, Steeplechase Estates, $300,000.

Cory W. London, Brittney London and Jennifer Lee White (trustee) to Cory W. London and Brittney London, 2 Parcels, Hiseville Park Road.

Burns Realty LLC to Mary K. Beals, 1.720 acres (Tract 2), Oil Well Road, $12,000.

Marvin M. Griffiths and Deborah L. Griffiths to Jack D. Stone and Julie M. Stone, .852 acres (Lot 15), Dunedin Way, $71,000.

Rachel Brown, Rachel Jackson and Anthony S. Brown to Valarie Taylor, 1.000 acres, Witty Road, $65,000.

Shirley Gentry to Laura C. Banegas, .193 acres, Brittany Lane, $92,000.

Laura M. Davis to Lance R. Firkin, Lot 7, Fox Briar Manor, $146,000.