Wednesday 6th December 2023

Barren County Tax Deed Report for the Week of November 6, 2023


The following property transfers were recorded at the Barren County Clerk’s Office from November 6, 2023 to  November 10, 2023. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements, and  transfers made within a family.


November 6, 2023

Eddy Joe Newberry & Sandra Newberry to Weston Thomas Inman & Emily Paige Shipp, 0.992 Acres- Dockery Heights Road, $170.00.

Norma J Asbury to Colton Hendrick, Lot #53 ( P6/218) Cheyenne Valley Subdivision, $20.00.

Leticia Cline, Shannon Burke & Shannon Burke Pennycuff to Nevin Newton & Kylene Newton, 2 Parcels- Mammoth Cave Road, $115,00.

Pamela L Howard & Rex Howard to Nicholas Hayden Thomas, Bennie West & Sally West, 0.232 Acres ( Lot 9)- Humble Avenue, $95.00.

Margaret J Herndon, Emily R Herndon Harm, Benjamin Harm, Elizabeth S Herndon, Catherine Gill Duddy & Thomas M Duddy to Mammoth Cave Campgrounds LLC, 30.215 Acres- Zion Cemetery Road, $218.50.

Paula Main & Cherles D Main to Margaret J Herndon & Catherine Gill Duddy, Tract ( P8/272) Barren County.

Margaret J Herndon, Kathryn R Herndon, Emily R Herndon Harm, Benjamin Harm, Elizabeth S Herndon, Catherine Gill Duddy & Thomas M Duddy to Wildlife and Timber Management LLC, 2 Parcels- Zion Cemetery Road, $799.50.

Roger Brooks & Norma Gayle Brooks to Flint Knob Holdings LLC, 20.096 Acres- Kino Road, $40.00.

Jason Brooks & Lynnette Brooks to Flint Knob Holdings LLC, 2 Parcels, Highway 1330.

Julie H Soles, Julie H Seagroves & Richard L Soles to Richard L & Julie H Soles Living Trust & Soles, Richard L &Julie H Soles Living Trust, 2 Tracts ( P10/349) Highlander Estate Subdivision.

Dylan Layne Bowles to Leonor Bowles, 1.32 Acres- Jim Glover Road, $9.00.

Robert S Smith to Jason D Christy, 2 Parcels- Second Street, $5.00.

Misty Smith to Jason D Christy, 0.34 Acres- Quigley Street.

Orby Martin & Nellie Bell to Nevaeh L Pence, Lot 18 & 19- Eastview Park Subdivision, $125.00.

William R Combs & Neila J Combs to Peggy McGuire, 0.79 Acres- Bishop Road, $265.00.

Howard Moore & Wanda Moore to Bryan E Tenhet Cynthia Lynne Lynch, 2 Parcels- Autumn Ridge, $337.50.

Donovan Scott Shockley, Donavan Scott  Shockley , Carrie Leianne Shockley & Carrie Leeanne Compton to Lawrence L Adair, JR & Deborah W  Adair, 2.259 Acres, Highway 87, $125.00.

November 8, 2023

 U S Bank National Association to Johnathan Trivett  & Christie Trivett, 2 Tracts- Temple Hill Nobob Road, $40.00.

Marla Young Fuller, Marla Young Birdsong, Robert Fuller, Rita Tew, Rita Cheryl Young & Ray Tew to Wesley C Peden & Haley Peden, Tract W/ Easement- Coral Hill Road, $480.00.

Industrial Warehouse Co Inc to Magnolia Lane Investments LLC, 2.881 Acres, South L Rogers Wells BLVD, $1496.50

Perry E Borntreger & Alta N Borntreger to Jeffrey C McGuire & Jeanelle McGuire, 17.25 Acres- Barren County ( P22/236)$78.00.

Sandra Poynter to Marcus Hudson & Alecia Hudson, Lot 4 ( P15/ 876) Brentwood Subdivision, $10.00.

Johnny W Bell & Angel Bell to Estate of Timothy J Gillenwater & Gillenwater, Timothy J Estate, 2 Tracts- Coral Hill Road- Highay 740.

Emily G Laird, Emily Wood Laird & Roger A Laird to Timothy J Gillenwater, 0.067 Acres- Barren County, $150.00.

Hometown Group LLC to Miguel Garcia Morales & Glori Orozco- Bravo, Lot 6 ( P3/28) Valley View Subdivision, $156.00.

November 9, 2023

Cheryl Berry Master Commissioner, Berry, Cheryl Master Commissioner, RCF 2 Acquisition Trust, Daryl J Marcum, Marcum, Daryl J, City of Glasgow, Unknown Heir of Daryl J Marcum, Marcum, Daryl J Marcum Heirs, Devisees of Daryl J Marcum, Legatees of Daryl J Marcum, Beneficiaries of Daryl J Marcum, Estate of Daryl J Marcum, Rosie Marcum, Heirs to the Estate of Daryl J Marcum & Capital One Bank USA NA to John D Dickinson, Tract ( P1/ 75) 7, 800 Sq Ft- Newman Street.

Mildred L Smith to Greg Smith, 0.73 Acres- Mammoth Cave Road, $40.50.

Steven Dale Richey, Sondra K Richey, Rita Coomer Trustee & Coomer, Rita Trustee to Steven Dale Richey, Sondra K Richey, Rita Coomer Trustee & Coomer, Rita Trustee, 33.7 Acres- Hacker Branch Road.

Donita Pearl Estes , Larry Wayne Estes & Dorothy Pearl Brake to William Mark Matthews & Rebecca N Matthews, Lots 15-16 Section B (P/75), $52.00.

Claudette Hatchett to Franz C Vogel & Kimberly K Vogel, Lot #4 ( P14/ 926) Meadowlawn Estates Subdivision, $354.00.