Wednesday 6th December 2023

Barren County Deed Transfer Tax Report for the Week of October 2, 2023


The following property transfers were recorded at the Barren County Clerk’s Office from October 2, 2023 to  October 6, 2023. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements, and  transfers made within a family.


October 2, 2023

Elijah Neal & Martha D Neal to Larry Stephens, 2 parcels- Hiseville Road, $80.00.

William M Moorehead & Mallory L Mingus to Brent Chi Swain & Angela Ruth Swain, Lot 16 (0.812 Acres) Eagle Point Drive, $507.50.

Mary J Griffin, Estate of Mary Griffin & Griffin, Mary Estate to Joshua W Pierce & Chelsea Leeann Pierce, Lot 29 & 41 ( P3/64) Springview Subdivision, $320.00.

Dirk Patrick Steenbergen & Bethany Paige Steenbergen to Steenbergen Rentals LLC, 2 properties- Cedar Street & Walker Court.

Claudette K Snyder to Shelley Ranch & Land Sales LLC, Lot 10 & 11 ( P1/ 130) Hurst Subdivision, $21.00.

Richard Milby & Sharon Milby to John Kurt Frey & Laura Megan Frey, Multiple Tracts- Hutcherson Estate Subdivision, $450.00.

F Scott Chapman to GT Properties of KY LLC & G T Properties LLC, 1.13 Acres- Sunset Avenue, $39.00.

Rondall Timothy Francis & Karen H Francis to India Eve Wirt & Michael Eric Mudd, Multiple Lots (0.555 Acres) Central Avenue, $235.00.

Triple Cross INC to Tristan Isaac Alexander & Kayla Rose Alexander, Lot 6A ( P18/ 814)- Barren County, $217.00.

Paula G Cassady to Paula Gail Cassady Trust, Multiple Tracts ( P21/ 204) Herbert Turner Road.

Greg Gary & Joe Ann Gary to Joe Ann Gary, Lot #14 ( P6/432) Hidden Cove Subdivision.

Triple Cross INC to James Weston Mullins, 0.53 Acres- Stovall Road, $220.00.

October 3, 2023

Robert W Logsdon & Imogene Graves to Francis E Bartleson Living Trust & Bartleson, Francis E Living Trust, Lot #5 ( P13/ 374) Barren County, $40.00.

Francis E Bartleson Living Trust & Bartleson, Francis E Living Trust to Robert W Logsdon & Imogene Graves, Lot 4-2 ( 0.664 Acres)- Barren County ( P13/884), $40.00.

Robert W Logsdon & Imogene Graves to RSMills INC & R S Mills, INC, 2 parcels- Barren County (P13/884) ,$90.00.

October 4, 2023

Elizabeth Sheesley to North Green Improvements LLC, 2 Tracts- North Green Street, $115.00.

Loretta Price Underwood & Loretta Price to Christopher Wayne Underwood, Cory N Underwood & Cory Nicholas Underwood, 16.436 Acres- Deans Trace.

Estate of Jerry Wayne Underwood, Underwood, Jerry Wayne Estate, Cory N Underwood & Christopher Wayne Underwood to Michelle M Wheeler & Lynn G Wheeler, 16.436 Acres, Deans Trace,$800.00.

Ernest E Cowles to DMR Roofing LLC & D M R Roofing LLC, 5.339 Acres- Park City- Glasgow Road, $70.00.

K & M Services LLC & K&M Services LLC to Ryan Crist & Chaney Weick, 0.66 Acres ( Lot 11)- Barren County ( P21/971)

October 5, 2023

William D Uptegraff, Dana Uptegraff, Woodford L Gardner, Jr Trustee & Gardner, Woodford L, Jr Trustee to William D Uptegraff, Gardner, Woodford L, Jr, Trustee & Woodford Gardner Jr Trustee, 2 parcels- Bluff Springs Road.

Christopher L Caldwell & Julie R Caldwell to Christopher L Caldwell, Lot 62- Northside Estates.

K & M Services LLC & K&M Services LLC to K & M Developments LLC & K&M Developments LLC, Lot 10 (0.60 acres)- Barren County (P21/1971).

K & M Services LLC & L&M Services LLC to K & M Developments LLC & K&M Developments LLC, Lots 12 & 13 (1.34 Acres) Barren County (P21/971)

K & M Services LLC & K&M Services LLC to K & M Developments LLC & K&M Developments LLC, Multiple Lots- Barren County (P21/971).

James Ray Emerson & Vickie M Emerson to Timothy Combs & Tiffany Combs 0.582 Acres- Buck Creek Road.

October 6, 2023

Sharp Carts Real Estate Holdings LLC to City of Glasgow, Kentucky, Lot 1- Highland Glen Subdivision.

Jennifer K Lotter  to Joseph S Lotter & Betty J Lotter, Lot 23- Hidden Cove Road.

Randall S Coulter & Jackie Coulter to William Travis Hardin & Angela Marie Hardin, Lot 8- Lakeside Subdivision.

Sydney Bunnell & Sue Bunnell to Ricky Long & Kellie B Long, Tract 10- Eagles Landing.

Judy K Pierce to Spencer S Benedict & Carrie P Benedict, 13.86 acres- Matthews Mill Road.