Thursday 8th June 2023

Barren Co. Property Transfers – Week of Oct. 17, 2022


GLASGOW — The following property transfers were recorded at the Barren County Clerk’s Office from Oct. 17 – Oct. 21, 2022. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

Oct. 17, 2022:

Laura Gilbert to Jennifer L. Jones, Lot 23 (P15/941), Blossom Hill Subdivision, $218,900.

Marion D. Harwood and Cathy B. Harwood to Robert Simpson and Amy M. Simpson, 8.304 acres, Bewleytown Road, $20,000.

Pamela B. McAfee, Michael L. McAfee, Harvey W. Beasley Jr., Louise Beasley and Scott Basil to Emily A. McAfee and Pamela B. McAfee, 2 Tracts, Oscar Gilpin Road.

KRW Investment Properties LLC to WGE Investment LLC, 1.74 acres, Scottsville Road, $232,000.

Lori B. Compton to Nicole A. Grix, 2 Properties, Finney Road, $142,500.

Elijah D. Traughber to Commonwealth of Kentucky and Department of Highways, 2 Tracts, Barren County, $4,600.

Maude T. Isenberg, Estate of Betty R. Bailey and JS Calvin Leech to Billy L. Melton, Lot 11 (P17/670), Barren County, $8,500.

Joseph L. Grier, Joseph M. Grier and Crystal Grier to Katie L. Jennings and David T. Jr., 26.698 acres (Tract 2) P20/685, Pine Valley Road, $468,000.

Roger K. Mercer and Terri K. Mercer to Luke Haire, Lot 7 (P4/9), Yellow Buckeye Lane, $750,000.

Blevins and Blevins LLC to Christy L. Gumm, Lot 35 (P18/315), Wellington Subdivision, $229,000.

Richard J. Martin and Katherine Martin to FNTC Corporate Trustee of the RAF SSSNT, Lot 4 (P11/224), CB Scroggy Estate, $190,000.

Patricia G. Uptegraff to Linda McIntyre, .504 acres (Tract 1 P15/463), Carden Road, $53,000.

Joshua S. Thomerson and Jill R. Thomerson to Joshua B. Mitchell, 21.36 acres, Wolf Island Road, $125,000.

Juanita L. Jackson and Juanita Hill to Pyrot LLC, Multiple Parcels, Riherd Estates, $285,000.

Oct. 18, 2022:

David J. Stephens, Tonya Stephens and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee to David J. Stephens, Tonya Stephens and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee, 2 Tracts, Coral Hill Halfway.

Shannon Fant and Mark Fant to Mitch Gaddis and Carrie Gaddis, Lot 2 (.534 acres), Finney Road, $251,500.

Oct. 19, 2022:

Timmy G. Key to Aaron T. Fullum, .918 acres (P7/348), Lucas Road, $176,700.

Patrick B. Starr, Cathy A. Starr, Timothy R. Starr and Shirley A. Starr to Roman A. Troyer and Rosemary D. Troyer, 42.192 acres, Oil Well Road, $232,056.

Elton Bowles and Geneva Bowles to Coomer Real Estate LLC, 2 Tracts, Jim Glover Road, $98,700.

Southern Cross Estates Inc. to Donald Young, Alicia Young and Holley Duke, .30 acres, Grinstead Mill Road.

Southern Cross Estates Inc. to Daniel W. Syra and Misty J. Syra, .184 acres (Lot 41), Waterford Lane.

Southern Cross Estates Inc. to Sherry Coffey, .864 acres (Tract 3), Dearing Road.

Southern Cross Estates Inc. to Danielle Lavarnway and Christopher Lavarnway, .80 acres, Haywood-Cedar Grove Road.

City of Glasgow to Pie de La Loma Properties LLC, Lot, McKenna Street.

Estate of Richard A. Pook to David J. Gugliuzza, Lot, Leslie Avenue, $220,000.

Anna C. Moore to E&L Investments LLC, 2 Lots, Barren County, $72,760.

Estate of Guelda Houchens to William J. Muse and Kiley C. Muse, .84 acres (P21/969), Highway 249, $34,200.

Oct. 20, 2022:

Susan Cox Kentucky LLC to MDC Coast 27 LLC, Tract 3 (P19/765), Highway 68/80, $1,371,250.

Susan Cox Kentucky LLC to MDC Coast 27 LLC, 1.668 acres (P19/424), Highway 90 & Wall Street, $1,645,360.

Lisa Morgan and Terry Morgan to Johnny Wright, 10.33 acres, Whitney Woods Road, $42,500.

D’Wayne D. Moseley and Maggie E. Moseley to D’Wayne D. Moseley and Maggie E. Moseley, 2 Tracts, West Washington Street.

Harold Compton, Kelly L. Compton, Rebecca Inghram and Douglas K. Inghram to Jeremy A. Gray and Krista L. Ann Reece, Lot 27 (P8/764), Highlander Estates Subdivison, $186,000.

Fox Hollow Golf Club Inc. to Amy Peden, Lot 52 (P15/265), Fox Hollow Golf Club, $40,000.

Oct. 21, 2022:

Peggy S. Carey and Rita T. Coomer to Peggy S. Carey and Rita Coomer (Trustee), Mutliple Parcels, Barren County.

Rosenwald Life Center LLC to Level 33 Realty LLC, 1.117 acres (P14/698), North Dixie Highway, $215,499.80.