Friday 16th April 2021

Barren Co. Property Transfers — Week of March 29, 2021

GLASGOW, Ky. — The following property transfers occurred from March 29 to April 2, 2021. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanges. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers within a family.

March 29, 2021:

Ronald A. Cain and Susan Cain to MHC Diamond Caverns LLC, Unit Week 26 PC-4, Players Club Building.

Thomas C. Cox and Danna G. Cox to MHC Diamond Caverns LLC, Unit Week 29 Unit N-3, Nicklaus Building.

Traci L. Green to Traci L. Green and Tracy A. Robertson, 1.06 acres, Cleveland Avenue.

Robert C. Oliver and Kelly D. Oliver to LSRT LLC, 2.341 acres, South Green Street.

Jesse A. Powell and Christa D. Powell to James R. Meredith and Michelle Meredith, 1.91 acres (tract 8), Harlow Cemetery Road, $73,000.

Cheryl Berry (Master Commissioner), Hazel Enterprises LLC, Unknown Heirs Devisees Legatees of William Woolbright, William Woolbright (Deceased), Unknown occupants, Unknown spouse of William Woolbright, tenants or lessess of 508 College St., City of Glasgow and County of Barren to Heartland Enterprise LLC, 2 parcels, East College Street.

Norris Wilson to Stanley H. Wilson, Jean D. Wilson, Stanley D. Wilson and Tammy G. Wilson, 2 tracts, Hiseville-Coral Hill Road, $182,520.

March 30, 2021:

Jud Davis to L&L Fun and Sun Adventures LLC, 3.737 acres, Owensby Road, $125,000.

Naomi J. Alvey to Atwell Investments LLC, Lot 1, Mammoth Cave Road, $127,500.

Naomi J. Alvey to Atwell Investments LLC, 1.601 acres (Tract 1), Mammoth Cave Road, $50,000.

Loretta Hunt to Darren W. Clarkson and Gara M. Clarkson, 2 Tracts, Highway 249.

Trent Riddle and Donna Riddle to Trevor M. Riddle and Courtney Riddle, 3.977 acres (tract 2), Barren County, $275,000.

Neila J. Combs and William R. Combs to Stephanie S. Bewley, .807 acres (Lot 18), Woodson Way, $255,000.

Rebecca K. Bill and Terry Bill to Wayne Busing, Sherry Busing, Chris Yoder and Kadi Yoder, 2 Parcels, Barren County, $269,000.

Walter A. Dickman and Joanne Dickman to David Scott and Melanie Scott, Lot 102, Lynn Court, $71.000.

March 31, 2021:

C.F. Taylor LLC to Denton Property Solutions LLC, Multiple Lots, YMCA Way, $830,000.

Anthony J. Damron II and Charlsa L. Damron to Rodger A. Lindsey, .352 acres (lot 11), North Third Street, $115,000.

Sheesley Investments LLC to Joshua J. Meadows and Nikole Meadows, .179 acres, South Morgan Street, $94,000.

Randall Franklin and Pamela Franklin to Carl Franklin Jr. and Brenda Franklin, 2 Tracts, Seymour Park Road.

Carl Franklin Jr. and Brenda Franklin to Carla F. Estes and Joseph S. Estes, 2.026 acres, Seymour Park Road.

Warren Wisdom to Kyle D. Kinslow and Cassie M. Kinslow, Multiple Tracts, Park City-Bon Ayr Road, $139,100.

April 1, 2021:

Christopher N. Thomason to Lois Garvey and Francis Garvey, .030 acres, Barren County.

Jo Anna Dennison and Joyce Hall to Joseph M. Izaguirre to Kirstin H. Izaguirre, Lot, Highway 255, $110,000.

Kevin Cochran and Mekeilah Cochran to Betty Archer, 2 Tracts, Tompkinsville Road, $260,000.

Lisa Chaney to Trent Clarkson and Steffi Clarkson, .910 Acres, Lots 5 and 6, Tick Ridge Road, $150,000.

Jerry Botts (Trustee) and Charlotte Ferrell to William D. Burks, .415 acres (Lot 17), Temple Trace, $145,000.

Nancy C. Poynter, Winford Poynter, Richard T. Alexander II (Trustee) to Nancy C. Poynter, Letha Bray and Richard T. Alexander II (Trustee), 2.55 acres, 1343 County Road.

Jayson W. Brown and Melissa D. Brown to William R. Combs, 1.515 acres (Tract 2), Dripping Springs Road, $25,000.

Larry R. Jewell and Mona S. Jewell to Ankita Patel, 1.810 acres, North Jackson Highway, $46,000.

Joseph Pyles, Annabelle Pyles, Randall D. Pyles Estate, Joyce G. Pyles and P&P Construction Company to Justin Richardson and Jacyln Richardson, Lots 26 and 27, Coral Hill Ridge Subdivision, $3,000.

April 2, 2021:

Neil F. Kositzky and Sheryl A. Kositzsky to Leland R. Johnston and Sherry Johnston, 5.400 acres, Highway 252, $279,000.

Rafaela R. Aguila and Lynsey R. Aguila to Michael W. Watson, Lot 6 (Plat Book 13/390), Barren County, $176,000.

Lile Holdings LLC to Zackiya Development LLC, Lot 8, Lexington Drive, $95,000.

Twona D. Wislon to Edward G. Fox, Multiple Lots, Garmon Street, $109,000.

Adrian M. Bragg and Laura D. Simon to Chasity Gearalds, Lots 4 and 5, Gallatin Road, $112,000.

William D. Uptegraff and Dana Uptegraff to William D. Uptegraff and Dana Uptegraff, 2 Parcels, Bluff Springs Road.

Jeffries L. Blackerby and Elizabeth B. Blackerby to Floyd G. Pierce and Rita C. Pierce, Multiple Lots, Park Bluff Subdivision, $295,000.

Stephen Hobbs and Melissa Hobbs to Joshua Thomerson and Jill Thomerson, .37 acres, Franks Mill Road, $37,500.

Lori B. Cook, Lori B. Skaggs and Keith W. Skaggs Jr. to Jonluke A. Vincent and Martina M. Vincent, 59 acres, Barren County, $100,000.

Patrick Gaunce to Victor Camarena, Lots 35 and 35A, Steeplechase Road, $20,000.

Carol Atkinson, Charles M. Atkinson and Gayle Cary to William T. Gosnell, 2 Tracts with exceptions, Barren County, $300,000.

Gregory Briggs and Cheri Briggs to William Briggs, multiple lots, Bearwallow Road, $750.

William Briggs, Karen Briggs, Charles A. Goodman III (Trustee) to William Briggs, Karen Briggs and Charles A. Goodman III (Trustee), Multiple Lots, Bearwallow Road.

Jason Abston and Sarah Abston to Gregory B. Wood, Multiple Lots, Hill Street.

Gregory B. Wood and Patricia B. Hardin to James Goad and Gidget Goad, 2 Properties, Hill Street, $8,000.