Thursday 6th May 2021

Barren Co. Property Transfers – Weeks of Feb. 8,15

GLASGOW, Ky. – The following property transfers occurred from Feb. 8 to Feb. 19, 2021. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

February 8, 2021:

Jonathon Horton and Tabatha Horton to Bobby Jessie and Georgia Jessie, Lot 20, Wellington Subdivision, $17,000.

Robert Anderson, Robert Anderson Jr., and Sheryl L. Anderson to Alex D. Richardson and Abriana Paige, Lot 13, Kelly Drive, $172,000.

Beverly Scoggins to Michael Aaron Scoggins, 2.703 acres, Park City Glasgow Road

Loretta Wimpee to Jackie T. Strode and Nancy Strode, 2 tracts, Austin Bend Subdivision, $205,000.

Lloyd Randolph Lowry III and Rhonda Lowry to Rhonda Lowry, Melissa Arthur Lowry, and Lloyd Randolph Lowry III, Lot 21, Clearwater Ridge Subdivision.

Amelia Detweiler and Phillip Detweiler to Genesis Storage LLC, 4.106 acres, HWY 90, $525,000.

Kelly Griffin and James Griffin to Blevins and Blevins LLC, .29 acres, North Green Street, $20,000. 

Justin R. Scott and Amy F. Scott to Keller Fishback and Michelle Fishback, 4.228 acres, Barren County, $33,000.

Stanley Taylor and Beth Taylor to Mark Kozar and Dawn Kozar, 2.41 acres, HWY 90, $305,000.

Dakota Ledford Vali and Miklos Zoltan Vali to Kevin Cochran and Mekeilah Cochran, 31.589 acres, Hackers Branch Road, $182,670.

Alice Likens and Wayne Likens to Shawn Likens, 7.783 acres, Golden Pond Circle.

Cole Scott, Robyn McKinnley Turner, and Robyn McKinnley Scott to Cole Scott and Robyn McKinnley Scott, 1.169 acres, Barren County.

Steven L. Ray and Donna Evon Ray to Amanda Karrie Bell and Gregory Bruce Bell, 1.12 acres, Stovall Road.

February 9, 2021

Stan A. Harlow and Patricia K. Harlow to MHC Diamond Caverns LLC, Unit Week 37 Unit S-2, Hideaway Hills Condominium. 

Hinkle Contracting Company LLC to Scotty’s Contracting and Stone LLC, 48.67 acres, Love Knob Road, $35,000.

Hinkle Contracting Company LLC to Scotty’s Contracting and Stone LLC, 3 parcels, Barren County, $60,000.

Hinkle Contracting Company LLC to Scotty’s Contracting and Stone LLC, Multiple parcels, Flint Knob Road, $556,500.

Lewis M. Purnell to Michael E. Whitney and Taylor H. Whitney, 2.81 acres, Mayfield Mill Road, $127,000.

Randy Lewis Birge, Carol Dean Birge, and Nicholas A. Carter Trustee to Randy Lewis Birge, Carol Dean Birge, and Nicholas A. Carter Trustee, Multiple lots, Barren County.

Mike Johnson and Jane Johnson to Daryl Lewis Patrick, 1.852 acres, Wold Island Road, $22,000.

Kyle Kinslow and Cassie Kinslow to John H. Wright and Sharon J. Wright, .602 acres, Dripping Springs Road, $236,100.

February 10, 2021:

Raymond Hishmeh and Cynthia Hishmeh to Jeffrey Michael Kuhnke and Andrea Elizabeth Kuhnke, 93.97 acres, Bradley Allen Road, $254,500.

Southern Cross Estates Inc. to ZZK Poultry LLC, Lot 12, Paradise Lane.

Southern Cross Estates Inc. to JLB Advisors LLC, Lot 11, Paradise Lane.

Charles Button and Diane Button to Anthony Brett and Michele Dean Brett, 1.12 acres, Settles Road.

Corey Dale Jenkins to Chrissy Roark Jenkin, 59.92 acres, Roseville Road.

Mary Leslie Garrett to David Tavenner Stoll and Barbara Ann Stoll, 2 tracts, Marshall Bailey Webb Heights Subdivision, $150,000.

Phillip T. Alexander and David Tavenner Stoll and Barbara Ann Stoll, .113 acres, Cedar Street, $11,000.

Richard Mutter and Claire Mutter to William C. Mutter, 2 tracts, HWY 1330, $50,000.

February 11, 2021:

Ruby Handley and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee to Ruby Handley, Nathan R. Handley, and Bobby H. Richardson Trustee, .240 acres, W. Main Street. 

Hinkle Contracting Company LLC to Scotty’s Contracting and Stone LLC, 2 tracts, Flint Knob Road and Pace Quarry Road, $261,200.

Matthew Doyle Hiltner and Jade Mackenzie Hiltner to Vicky Arms, 31.026 acres, Millstown Road, $150,000.

Atwell Investments LLC to David Carney, 2 parcels, Broadway Street, $200,000.

Barry Reese Sullivan and Jacqueline Sullivan to Ladeen Warkentin and Terry Warkentin, 1.00 acres, Noah Steenbergen Road, $20,000.

February 12, 2021

Edna C. Railey to Ronnie Paige and Julie Paige, 2 tracts, Burkes Road, $375,000.

February 17, 2021:

Rachel Anglen and Ross Anglen to Courtney Ravellette and Alex Ravellette, .533 acres, Needmore Lane, $164,900.

Danny Duke and Vanessa Meredith, .5 acres, Rex Bartley Road. 

Rita Powell, Steven Powell, Clinton Powell, Mary Lynne Powell, and Joetta Harlow Kelly to Sharon S. Lenhart, .907 acres, Haywood Cedar Grove, $180,000.

Mary Katherine McClard to Bethel Hayes, 2 parcels, Doran Drive, $70,000. 

James Ronnie Wren to Austin J. White and Hannah D. White, 2.919 acres, Dripping Springs Road, $14,500. 

Jeffrey R. Harned and Betsy L. Harned to Sherry Stepp, Lot 2, Whippoorwill Drive, $400,000. 

Linda Steenbergen to Mahlon Troyer and Dora Troyer, 2 parcels, Barren County,.

Jason Childress to Lauren Childress, .527 acres, Millstown Road, $165,000.

February 19, 2021:

Summer Groce to Nicholas Barlow, Lot 11 Section 3, Brittany Lane, $115,000.

Anthony Frazier and Anne Frazier Alexander T. Richard Trustee to Anthony Frazier and Alexander T Richard Trustee, .15 acres, HWY 685, Wilson Road.

Anthony Frazier and Anne Frazier to Russell Shaw, 6.0 acres, HWY 685, Wilson Road, $35,000.

Anthony Frazier and Anne Frazier to William Underwood and Judy Underwood, 7.02 acres, HWY 685, Wilson Road, $35,000.

Norma Lyons to Micaela Dawn Roberson, Lot, Lexington Drive, $110,000.

Sue Ananda and Sue Nancy Wilson Herbert to Hiram Jefferson Herbert III, 13.0 acres, Old Bowling Green Road, $30,000.

Bill Burness to Virginia Wheeler and Cornelius Richard Wheeler Jr., 2.31 acres, Little Work Acres, $162,000.

Jimmy M. Mutter and Lee Ann Mutter to Terry Foster. 1.586 acres, Barren County, $175,000.