Thursday 6th May 2021

Barren Co. Property Transfers – Week of Feb. 1, 2021

GLASGOW, Ky. – The following property transfers occurred from Feb. 1 to Feb. 5, 2021. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

Feb. 1, 2021:

Mark R. Pierce and Elizabeth J. Pierce to Glass Grain LLC, 69.102 acres (Tract 2), Highway 1330, $241,857.

Fidel Chapman Jr. and Frances Chapman to Jeffery Chapman and Lori N. Chapman, .867 acres, Matthews Mill Road, $50,000.

Verlin Cossel and Denise Cossel to Paula Keith and Thomas Walden, 1.162 acres (Tract 2), Lawrence Road, $65,000.

Can Property Development LLC to George W. Compton III, Lot 33, Woodhaven Subdivision, $167,000.

Terry D. Dismon and Chirsty M. Dismon to Gregory Smith and Melinda Smith, $449,000.

Anthony Wright and Pamela Wright to Paul D. Anderson and Teresa A. Anderson, $330,000.

Theresa McMillian and Terry McMillian to Lile Holdings LLC, $70,000.

Homesteader LLC to Michelle Welsh, multiple parcels, Barren County.

Feb. 2, 2021:

Patty J. Bailey and Marshall R. Bailey to Lisa K. Connor, .416 acres, Franks Mill Road, $110,000.

Lonesome Doves Realty to CTL Properties LLC, .522 acres, South Broadway, $340,000.

Tee Tee Properties LLC to Francesco Cianci and Lorne Saltsman, 2 Tracts, Happy Valley Road, $160,000.

Feb. 3, 2021:

Jack Sewell and Lenore Sewell to Tammy McGrath and Michael McGrath, multiple parcels, Barren County, $69,600.

Delmer D. Pierce and Carolyn D. Pierce to Stephanie Young and Thomas Young, multiple lots, Barren County, $75,000.

Connie S. Swafford, Connie A. Stilts, Eric J.Swafford and Woodford L. Gardner Jr. to Eric J. Swafford, Connie S. Swafford and Woodford L. Gardner Jr., 2 Parcels, Barren County.

Gregory E. Francis, Jacque Francis, Carla Keller, Douglas Keller and Gina Adams to Dre Real Estates Holdings LLC, .577 acres, Patton Road, $10,000.

Matthew S. Marple and Crystal G. Marple to Marple Farm and Real Estate LLC, 2 Tracts, Barren County.

Bobby G, Martin and Teresa A. Martin to Bobby G. Martin, Teresa A. Martin, Curtis Shelley Jr. and Marjorie A. Shelley, .137 acres, Steeplechase Road.

Maude T. Isenberg, Betty R. Bailey and J.S. Calvin Leech to Freddy A. McKinney and Rachel D. McKinney, 2 Lots, Fairview Lane, $12,000.

Billy J. Wheat Jr., Janet S. Steenbergen Wheat, Jason W. Wheat, Jennifer D. Gowen, Joseph C. Gowen, Heather L. Klumb and Jason Klumb to Billy J. Wheat Jr., Lot, Humble Street.

James B. Sears Jr. to Timothy Claxon and Mary Claxon, .611 acres, Roseville Road, $109,000.

Estate of Peggie A. Donoho Marsh to John K. Marsh and Connie Marsh, 2 Parcels, Barren and Hart County.

Feb. 4, 2021:

Warren Wisdom to Walter D. Ross and Leisa A. Ross, 5.538 acres, Harry King Road, $200,000.

Charlotte Ferrell and Jerry Botts (Trustee) to Jerry Botts (Trustee), .415 acres, Temple Trace Road, $134,000.

Brenda S. Kirk to Kathleen M. Meredith, 2 Lots, Willow Tree Circle.

Mountain Stone Products LLC to Hawkeegan Properties LLC, 2 Parcels, Cross Street and 31-E.

William M. Matthews and Rebecca L. Matthews to Jose C. Gama and Ofelia M. Gama, 2 Lots, Garet Way, $18,250.

Habitat for Humanity of Glasgow and Barren County Inc. to Richard Harlow, 3.868 acres, Tick Ridge Acres, $1,700.

Barbara L. Ellis to Shannon Hardwood, Lot 9, Jackson Trail, $226,000.

Keller Fishback and Michelle Fishback to Phillip D. Gearlds and Pamela Gearlds, .758 acres, Steeplechase Road, $255,000.

Rita Gray to Joseph B. Gray III, 1.88 acres, U.S. 68-80.

Leland D. Glass and Ancy Glass to Jon G. Keightley and Lindsey N. Keightley,134.306 acres, Reece Road and Ike Morrison Road, $594,000.

Glasgow Home Rental LLC to Nicholas W. Manning, Lot, Grandview Avenue.

Feb. 5, 2021:

Robert C. Cary and Joyce C. Cary to Rachel A. Hill and Travis P. Hill, 23.422 acres, Oil Well Road, $575,000.

Roy Buchanan and Joyce A. Buchanan to Donna L. McKee, .201 acres, Grand Avenue, $87,500.

Robert W. Wilson and Joy Wilson to HD Investment LLC, Multiple Lots, Grand Avenue, $60,000.

Robert W. Wilson and Joy Wilson to HD Investment LLC, Multiple Lots, .495 acres, New Salem Road, $60,000.

Robert W. Wilson and Joy Wilson to HD Investment LLC, Lot, Withers Street, $60,000.

Delsie M. Bruton and Jerry L. Gibbs to Trevor D. Robinson, .311 acres (Lot 33), Hume Way, $120,000.

Phillip Q. Bourassa and Roxana L. Bourassa to Philip C. Walker and Alison N. Walker, Lot 6, Park Heights Subdivision, $81,000.

Loretta M. Catron to Ronnie D. Catron, 2 Tracts, A.E. Minick Addition.

Loretta M. Catron to Matthew R. Catron, 2 Parcels, Barren County.

Bobby H. Richardson and Elaine Richardson to David Violette and Melissa Violette, 6.820 acres, Burkesville Road, $125,000.

Gregory E. Francis and Jaque Francis to Terry Hancock and Tammy Hancock, 2 Tracts, Patton Road, $24,000.

Carla Keller, Douglas Keller, Gina Adams and Howard Francis Testamentary Trust to Terry Hancock and Tammy Hancock, 2 Tracts, Patton Road.

Gregory E. Francis, Jaque Francis, Carla Keller, Douglas Keller, Gina Adams and Howard Francis Testamentary Trust to Douglas Keller and Carla Keller, 3.824 acres, Patton Road, $159,000.