Barren Co. Property Transfers – Week of Nov. 23, 2020

GLASGOW, Ky. – The following property transfers occurred from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27, 2020. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

Nov. 23, 2020:

Thomas C. Lyons to Sheilah A. Haner, 1.001 acres, State Quarry Road, $7,000.

CRS Development LLC to Delmer D. Pierce and Carolyn D. Pierce, 1.455 acres, Parkview Drive, $350,000.

Jean Ann Butler to Richard M. Saltsman, 1.430 acres, Big Meadow Road, $188,000.

Emmett E. Barbour and Norma L. Barbour to Alan Barbour, 25.83 acres, State Highway 1324, $28,000.

Ken D. McKenney and Kathryn McKenney to Wellmor Holdings LLC, Lot, South Lewis Street, $10,000.

Mark A. Edmonds and Alice L. Good to Jerry Miller and Daiva Miller, 10.00 acres, Iron Mountain Road, $30,000.

Nov. 24, 2020:

Rachel Branson to Jeremy S. Branson, Unit Week 24 Unit PC-2, Players Club Building.

Harlan Stice to BHW Properties LLC, Lot (36,809 sq ft), Mammoth Cave Parkway, $50,000.

Cy-Co Land Holdings LLC to Jess M. Willard and Heather Willard, Lot 233, Cardinal Bay Subdivision, $7,000.

William I. Beard to William T. Morris, .248 acres (Lot 4), St. Mary’s Drive, $100,000.

Christopher R. Hood and Jessica L. Hood to Dennis J. Devore and Felicia Devore, 2.655 acres, Hillwood Road, $169,000.

Billie Daniels to Michael W. Cross and Carol W. Cross, 43 acres, Barren County, $252,000.

Lenora B. Steenbergen to Charity S. Burd and Michael Lee A. Harris, Lot 16, Wedgewood Subdivision, $105,600.

Stacey H. Owen and George Owen to Haywood Volunteer Fire Department, 1.38 acres, Highway 31-E, $80,000.

Nicole H. Jones and Beau Jones to Haywood Volunteer Fire Department, 1.38 acres, Highway 31-E.

James W. Alexander and Dorothy L. Alexander to The Julian Youmans Trust, Lots 9A and 10A, Brentwood Estates, $40,000.

Rebecca L. Reece to Corey P. Reece, Lot 20, Pebble Drive.

Highway 90 Storage Investment Trust to Phillip Detweiler, 4.106 acres, Happy Valley Road.

Nov. 25, 2020:

Matthew T. Gray and Katie Gray to Billy J. Rogers, .82 acres, Tracy Road, $102,000.

Billy J. Rogers to Billy J. Rogers and Regina M. Sneed, .82 acres, Tracy Road.

Lonus Alan Flener and Gaye Denise Flener Revocable Trust to Richard Milby and Sharon Milby, 2 Tracts, Carl Fox Road, $430,000.

Michael L. White and Beverly K. White to James M. Hale and Shani M. Hale, 7.82 acres, Finney Road, $225,000.

Orlando F. Bravo and Letitica A. Bravo to Maria Theresa P. Parrish, 8.287 acres, Scottsville Road, $97,000.

John J. Jones and Virginia Jones to James M. Abbott, Lot (3.091 sq ft), East Front Street, $57,000.

J.S. Calvin Leech to Robert C. Jones, .547 acres (Lot 3), Avo Avenue, $15,000.

Timothy D. Craycroft and Martha L. Craycroft to Harley R. Hester and Pamela Hester, 17.525 acres, Beckton-Rocky Hill Road, $300,000.

Mitchell Hollinsworth to Joy S. Myatt, 6.797 acres, Highway 63, $62,060.

Doris A. Eatmon, Charles C. Eatmon Jr., Monica Eatmon, Tonya G. Eatmon and Brandon Wilson to Chasidy R. Lewczyk and Douglas W. Cook, 1.302 acres, Barren County, $125,000.

Christine J. Russell and Kimberly G. Ritter to Matthew Jewell, Tract with exceptions, Burkesville Road, $122,000.

Kimberly G. Ritter to Matthew Jewell, 1.683 acres, Glasgow-Burkesville Road, $8,000.