Bunche Center cancels annual Thanksgiving dinner due to COVID-19 concerns

GLASGOW, Ky. – The annual Thanksgiving meal held at the Ralph Bunche Community Center is canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Franklin family started the community dinner 12 years ago, and this is the first year the meal will not be provided.

Alma Glover, a member of the Franklin family, said her mother would feed people in their neighborhood several years ago. It was Glover’s mother that inspired her children to host a similar event for the community.

“We are sorry that we can’t do it this year, but because of the virus, and the safety of the family and the public, we found it would be best that we wait until next year and do it next year.”

Glover said the family was concerned for their safety as the coronavirus continues to spread across the community. The decision to cancel the community event was unfortunate, but the family felt it was best, Glover said.

“We just didn’t feel like that it was feasible for us to do it this year because of the distance that you have to be,” Glover said. “We can’t have volunteers into the center – the Bunche Center. It was almost impossible for us to carry it out.”

The Franklin family made a donation to Dr. Bharat Mody’s “To the Brim Food Drive” to make up for the meal. Glover also urges others to make a similar donation to enable the community to be fed this holiday season.