Saturday 20th July 2024

Cave City Council meeting lays concrete plans for the future


The Cave City Council convened yesterday for a meeting marked by both somber reflection and proactive decision-making, as council members paid tribute to individuals who had made significant contributions to the community while also making progress on a vital infrastructure project.

The meeting commenced with a solemn acknowledgment of the recent passing of individuals who had played pivotal roles in shaping the fabric of Cave City.

Among those remembered were Robert Smith, the former city manager who dedicated around two decades of service to the community, and Steve Pedigo, a respected member of the City Council until his recent departure last month. Cave City Mayor, Dwayne Hatcher, embodied the solemnity of the losses to those present.


Their legacies of leadership, dedication, and tireless advocacy for the city will be deeply cherished and fondly remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing them.

As the council turned its attention to matters of municipal governance, a pivotal item on the agenda emerged: the proposed project to repair sidewalks stretching from 1st Street to US 31-W.

Council members and the public received a map of the area that the repair would unfold.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining safe and accessible pedestrian pathways throughout the city, council members engaged in deliberations regarding the best course of action to address this infrastructure need.

After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of available options, the council deliberated on proposals presented by Precision Concrete Cutting, a reputable contractor specializing in sidewalk repair and maintenance.

Stephanie Goolsby (left), representative with Precision Concrete Cutting, speaks to the council about their different options.

Ultimately, council members were presented with two viable options, each offering distinct advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and long-term durability. Stephanie Goolsby, a representative of the concrete company spoke to the council on the differences between the two choices.


Council members were given a packet outlining the different approaches the company could offer.


In a decisive move aimed at prioritizing the safety and well-being of Cave City residents, the council endorsed an option proposed by Precision Concrete Cutting that would entail an investment of nearly $8,000.

While mindful of fiscal constraints, council members emphasized the paramount importance of ensuring the integrity and accessibility of the city’s pedestrian infrastructure.

The approved sidewalk repair project represents a tangible step forward in the ongoing efforts to enhance Cave City’s infrastructure and promote the vitality of its urban landscape.

This decision was aided by information Goolsby gave on a grant opportunity through the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC).


Armed with this new information, the council was in agreeance to move forward with applying for the KLC grant.

With the memory of beloved community leaders guiding their actions, the council looks forward to a future marked by continued progress and prosperity for all who call Cave City home.