Saturday 18th September 2021

Judicial Center Project – Fiscal Court to meet


GLASGOW Ky. – The future of the new Judicial Center is once again on the table as the Barren County Fiscal Court and the Barren County Project Development Board will hold a special called joint meeting at 5:00, Tuesday, September 13.

As it stands now the county is in breach of contract with the AOC and several thing could happen if this issue is not addressed.  We could lose the project all together, the AOC could come in and through eminent domain put the judicial center where they want with no local input, or the state could step in bypassing the fiscal court all together.

This meeting will be at the Circuit Courtroom of the Court House and whether or not discussion happens will depend on whether one of the magistrates makes the motion to continue discussion.  Should there be no motion the county will remain in breach and County Attorney Katherine Thomas says there is no precedent for this

Should the county remain in breach of contract the fiscal court would have to foot the bill for all the work so far which includes planning, architectural drawings, work done by AOC, according to Thomas

This meeting is open to the public and the director of the AOC is expected to be in attendance to answer any questions the court may have.