Doyle cites noise complaints saying ‘I am tired of it,’ requests firework ordinance

Denny Doyle, a Cave City councilperson, listens during the meeting’s first gathering of the year on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.

CAVE CITY, Ky. – The Cave City council held its first meeting of the year and one councilperson came to the meeting with three specific requests.

Denny Doyle, councilperson, asked about the status of a grant that the city apparently applied for at an earlier time. The grant was specified for a generator for the city’s three main buildings, which house much of the city government.

“I want to make sure I understand this. We have reapplied for a grant for a generator for all three buildings here in case the power goes out – is that not correct?” Doyle said.

Doyle also expressed concern regarding a recent act of arson at Burkesville’s police department, which is inside the city building. Cave City City Hall houses the police department, too.

“They think that someone was trying to destroy evidence in the police lockers, and to my knowledge we still don’t have a monitored fire alarm system for all three buildings here,” Doyle said. “And if one of our buildings – as close as they are – caught fire, all three of these buildings would go up in a New York minute.”

Doyle suggested the city’s manager, Robert Smith, look into fire alarm system quotes.

Dewayne Hatcher, mayor, asked what system the convention center uses. Tourist and Convention Commission Director Greg Davis said AAA Services is used.

Hatcher asked Doyle how much the project would be, but Doyle said he didn’t know.

“I was kind of scared, just to be honest with you, to ask,” Doyle said.

The last request involved a firework ordinance. Doyle said he has neighbors that use fireworks through the summer, and he is tired of it.

“I, myself, have to listen to somebody setting off fireworks from the first of June to the middle of July,” Doyle said. “And I am tired of it.”

Bobby Richardson, city attorney, decided at an earlier time that the city’s noise ordinance covers firework issues, but he told Doyle he would reexamine with him it to “suit everybody.”

“But when you’re setting at home, you ought to be able to have some peace and quiet,” Doyle said.

As for other business, Smith updated the council regarding the financial report. Restaurant taxes for December were $39,447.09; transient room tax, $7,887.56; $47,334.65 was transferred to the Tourism Commission.

The cash analysis reflected $110,841 in investments; $28,607 in the Cave City Fire Department checking account; $1,055 in the Cave City Fire Department savings accounts; and $2,706 in the city police department savings.

Darrel Butler, Cave City Police chief, said one officer left the department last week – Joey Judd. Another police cruiser was also involved in a wreck at the intersection of Lexington Road and Cemetery Road.

Fire Chief Kevin Jandt did not have information to report.