Barren Co. Property Transfers – Week of Nov. 9, 2020

GLASGOW, Ky. – The following property transfers occurred from Nov. 9 to 13, 2020. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements and transfers made within a family.

Nov. 9, 2020:

Mary A. Willeford to KBH Investments LLC, .549 acres, Joe Morris Road, $190,000.

James M. Fox and Amy Fox to Danny L. Pate, Lot, South Dixie Highway, $132,500.

Phillip Detweiler and Amelia Detweiler to Billy Claywell, 1.00 acres, U.S. Highway 31W, $7,000.

Kevin Kerr and Lacey Kerr to Kerr Family Farms LLC, 2 Tracts, Highway 1307 (New Salem Road).

Kevin Kerr and Lacey Kerr to K.L. Real Estate LLC, 1.502 acres, Whitney Woods Road.

Kevin E. Kerr and Lacey L. Kerr to K.L. Real Estate LLC, 2.33 acres (tract E), Highway 68/80 (Glasgow-Bowling Green Road).

Patrick Greer and Pamela Greer to Edward H. Quick Jr. and Ellan K. Quick, 10 acres, Matthews Mill Road, $310,000.

James D. Hawkins and Sonya R. Hawkins to James D. Hawkins and Sonya R. Hawkins, 1.171 acres (Tract 1), South Lucas Road.

Carl W. Burden and Marilyn Y. Burden to 346 Barren Trace LLC, Lot 1, Valley of the Barrens Subdivision, $419,900.

Rita Neighbors to Sharon Estes, .640 acres (Tract 17), Oak Hill School Road, $8,900.

Nov. 10, 2020:

Lucille V. Jackson to Jeanette Chase, 2 Tracts (1.779 acres), Paradise Lane, $16,500.

Cheryl W. Branham to Benjamin A. Ray and Heather D. Ray, 21.20 acres, Lecta Salem Road, $78,440.

Clifton Elmore and Charlotte Elmore to Jordan L. Saltsman and Amanda Saltsman, 2.500 acres, Highway 68/80, $165,000.

Michael Landrum, Wilma J. Landrum and Scott Basil to Michael Landrum, Wilma J. Landrum and Scott Basil, .634 acres (Lot 42), Cardinal Court.

Nov. 12, 2020:

Bradley Decker and Karla Decker to Phillip Zipf and Megan Escamilla, .570 acres (Lot 23), Owensby Road, $340,000.

Danny C. Jones and Rebecca L. Jones to Louie J. Williams, .721 acres (Lot 87), Jackson Trail Subdivision, $195,000.

Willie W. Evans, Wayne Evans, Candy L. Evans, and Bobby H. Richardson (Trustee) to Willie W. Evans, Wayne Evans, Candy L. Evans, and Bobby H. Richardson (Trustee), 2 Parcels, Harrison Estates, $25,000.

Nathan Salsburg and Susan Salsburg to Jerry D. Branstetter, 7.720 acres, Rock Springs Road.

Mary L. Vickery and J. T. Coleman Irrevocable Trust to J.A. Coleman Trust, Lot 2, Adairland Court, $46,000.

Cumberland Cellular Partnership to Bluegrass Network LLC, 2 Tracts, Old Cave City-Glasgow Road, $250,398.94.

Russell L. Mills and Sandy J. Mills to Mica W. Pence and Charles W. Pence, Lots 11 and 12, Cheyenne Pass Road, $282,500.

Terry Gaddie and Kimberly Gaddie to James W. Settles, Tracts 5 and 6, Barren County, $140,000.

Lucas Cove Development Inc. to Dennis W. Druen and Laura J. Druen, .910 acres (Lot 6), Grimes Way, $62,500.

Ronald Tinsley and Jerline D. Tinsley to Sarah E. Clark, .295 acres (Lot 17C), Barren Trace, $18,000.

Nellie S. Bell and Orby Martin to Benson S. Bell, 2 Parcels, Autumn Ridge, $125,000.

Jason L. Decker and Jennifer J. Decker to Ashlyn Hudson, 2.527 acres (Tract 2B), U.S. Highway 31W, $10,250.

Clarence Chapman, Marty Chapman, Ann Chapman, Kenneth Chapman, Beth Page, Beth Greer, Rhonda Cunningham, Roy Cunningham, Howard T. Gentry and Wanda Gentry to Blevins and Blevins LLC, 1.234 acres, Barren County, $12,500.

Thacker Investments LLC to Deborah Slaughter, Lot 10, Rachel Court, $23,000.

Clifton Loyd and Rebecca Loyd to Monroe Borntrager and Alma Borntrager, 51.023 acres, Chenoweth Road, $185,000.

Nov. 13, 2020:

Phillip Detweiler and Amelia Detweiler to Denis R. Gossett, 4.43 acres, Highway 31E, $24,000.

Mary L. Carey to Rickey Carey, 2 Tracts, State Highway 70, $100,000.

The Estate of Luther Rogers Wells Jr. to Matthew Givens and Susan L. Givens, 73.725 acres (Tract 5), Bluff Springs Road, $930,900.

Jonathan Compton, Gayla Compton and Jamie Compton to Anthony D. Wright and Pamela M. Wright, 2.062 acres, Spears Road.

The Lois Howard Gray Irrevocable Family Trust to George F. McKinley, Betty J. McKinley, Thomas L. McKinley and Mary L. Howard Lessenberry, 5.627 acres, South Lewis Street, $38,000.