Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Registration for 400 mile yard sell begins



The state spanning U.S. Route 68 yard sell, began its registration for vendors earlier this morning. The 400 mile sale is an annual event scheduled for the first weekend of June, and allows residents all across Kentucky the opportunity to find new homes for their unwanted antiques and various other items.

The 400 Mile Sale was founded in 2004 by Debbie Spencer whose goal was to bring awareness of antique and curiosity shops along the route. Leadership was passed to Judy Spencer in 2019 and finally went to Tara Hall, who became the Director of the 400 Mile Sale in March 2022.

Counties along the route have always been the primary sponsors of the sale, due to the added attention and commerce the event brings many of the sales sponsors are the counties that the route runs through, a total of 20 counties.

Maclean Lessenberry, Director for Glasgow-Barren County Tourism, emphasized how major the event is for Barren County, as the event draws in many tourist from out of county and even out of state.

With over 100 booths already registered in the south central area alone, the sale this year may be one of the biggest. For those interested in registering or mapping out a shopping map, information can be found at 400mile.com