Sunday 21st April 2024

City Posts Codes For Tiny Houses


(Glasgow, KY)  Tiny houses are all the hype these days, and with that, the City of Glasgow recently posted a link to some guidelines for smaller dwellings.  You can find the link here:


These are Kentucky State laws that apply to the Kentucky Residential Code.  In order for a prefabricated structure to be used as a residential dwelling, it must meet all KRC requirements, first.  

Some those include: (Credit:

“-If non-conventional structural members are used for construction, stamped engineered drawings are required to prove equivalency.  

-The structure must meet these minimum insulation requirements:

  1. Walls- R-13
  2. Floor- R-19
  3. Ceiling- R-38

-Insulation types are measured in “R” values.  The code requires different R-values for different areas, along with varying thicknesses 

-Most of these minimums cannot be met unless spray foam insulation is used due to the smaller framing members used for small buildings.

-At least one (1) habitable room must have a minimum of one number twenty (120) square feet.”


For more details, see the full link above.