Tuesday 5th March 2024

Barren County Tax Deed Report for the Week of January 29, 2024


The following property transfers were recorded at the Barren County Clerk’s Office from January 29, 2024 to  February 2, 2024. Tax information is not reported when money is not exchanged. Such instances include foreclosures, master commissioner deeds, divorce settlements, and  transfers made within a family.


January 29, 2024

Barry Wayne Jones to Christina Ann Jones, Lot #2 ( P6/189) Barren County.

Christina Ann Jones to Barry Wayne Jones, Tract with exception- Bristletown Road.

Diane G Moore to Greg T Moore, Ginger Nichols, Glen K Moore &  Gina M Akin, Lot #23 ( P6/944) Village Circle.

Marvin Marshall Griffiths & Deborah Lynn Griffiths to Bryant Brantley & Laura Brantley, Lot 13 ( 2.118 Acres) Highlander Farms Subdivision, $450.00.

Blevins & Blevins LLC to Shannon B Sexton, Lot #4 ( P15/790) Coral Hill Ridge Subdivision, $215.00.

Keller Fishback & Michelle Fishback to Tristen Elaine Taylor Bottoms & Jacob Dean Mabe, Lot #21 ( P2/65) Whitney Woods Subdivision, $171.50.

January 30, 2024

Bobby J Combs & Sherry B Combs to Sherry Ballard, Lot # 6 ( P14/125) South Gassaway Road.

Bobby J Combs & Sherry B Combs to Shonda Ballard, Lot #2 (P14/861) South Gassaway Road.

Kaye P Amos & Kay P Amos to Charles E Amos, 10.18 Acres- Whitney Woods Road.

David Morrison, Sandra Morrison & Jon Morrison to Brian Morrison, Cemetery Plot- Barren County.

Central Kentucky Developers LLC to Jekshan Patel & Shigmaben Patel, Lot #13 ( P19/746) Woodhaven Subdivision, $15.00.

January 31, 2024

Francis Garvey to Matthew Paul Garvey, 2 tracts ( P21/486) Mammoth Cave Road.

February 1, 2024

Estate of Alice D Meador, Meador, Alice D Estate, The Meador Family Trust & Meador Family Trust to Noah P Borntreger & Rosemary H Borntreger, Multiple Tracts- Poplar Grove Road, $151.00.

Rebecca Emmitt Finley & Grady Robert Finley to Roy Wayne Woodcock & Teresa Woodcock, 0.016 Acres- Drane Avenue, $1.00.

Elfreda D Paige to Jacob Houts & Kyle Houts, 0.350 Acres- Lovers Lane, $250.00.

February 2, 2024

Keith Weaver & Vickie Weaver to Estate of Ralph Thomas Morgan & Morgan, Ralph Thomas Estate, 2 tracts, New Salem Road.

Estate of Ralph Thomas Morgan & Morgan, Ralph Thomas Estate to Keith Weaver & Vicki Weaver, 0.020 Acres, New Salem Road.

Johnny Y Properties LLC to Salvador & Judd Properties LLC, 0.094  North Race Street, $428.50.

Hudson Capital Properties to Alejandra Ulloa Perea & Alejandra Ulloa, Lots 4 & 5 ( P1/124) Frazier Street, $26.50.

Cheryl Berry Master Commissioner, Berry, Cheryl Master Commission, NNPL Trust Series 2012-1, N N P L Trust Series 2012-1, Stacy Green, Any Unknown Descendants, Unknown Heirs/ Devisees of Michael Green, Green, Michael Unknown Heirs/ Devisees, Michael Green Estate & Green, Michael Estate to NNPL Trust Series 2012-1 & N N P L Trust Series 2012-1,  Lot- Old Bowling Green Road.

Christopher Adair to Beaver Creek Thistle LLC, Lot N Race Street, $155.00.

Paula Sharon Webber to Larry Edward Webber, 0.654 Acres- Thomerson Park Road.

Manharkumar Patel to Bajrang LLC, 1.682 Acres- North Jackson Highway.

City of Glasgow Kentucky to MST Properties LLC & M S T Properties LLC, Lot (0.006 Acres) E Main Street, $1.00.

Steven Howard Shaw & Connie M Shaw to Country Comfort LLC, 1.266 Acres- Barren County, $127.00.

John Allan McMillen Jr & Kristina Lee McMillen to The McMillen Family Revocable Trust & McMillen Family Revocable Trust, 2 parcels-George Wells Road.

John Allan McMillen Jr & Kristina Lee McMillen to The McMillen Family Revocable Trust & McMillen Family Revocable Trust, Lot 21-Willams Avenue.