Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Barren County voters begin ballot requests as primary election date looms


GLASGOW, Ky. – The Barren County Clerk’s Office recently announced new details in connection to this year’s primary election.

The election is set for June 23, which is a month from Kentucky’s normal primary election in May that was postponed due to COVID-19 directives.

Clerk Helena Birdwell said the mail-in process has taken flight as nearly 700 people had requested ballots since the State Board of Elections’ portal opened last month.

Voters can request a ballot online to refrain from visiting the polling location in Barren County, but a voting location will be made available to voters that prefer to cast their votes in person.

“We know we have to be able to accommodate a large number of voters because this is the only location in all of Barren County for voters to go on election day,” Birdwell said.

Birdwell said the location has changed. She told WCLU News in an earlier instance that a ballot box would be placed inside the Barren County Government Center, but that location has shifted to Barren County High School’s gymnasium.

“There will not be any other precincts open that day,” Birdwell said. “No matter what your normal precinct is, come to Barren County High School gym.”

Four to five stations will be in place inside the gymnasium, and the National Guard will be present to assist traffic flow inside the area. Voters will take their ballot into a booth and drop it in a voting machine, much like they would

Voters can continue requesting a ballot in a number of ways, but the online portal is the preferred method. Birdwell said voters may obtain a ballot by calling her office, emailing her or making a request at the window at her office.