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DECEMBER 4, 1930

Well-Known Financier Dies While Visiting Friend in Louisville.  Mr. Thomas P. Dickinson, President of the Trigg National Bank at this place, died in Louisville, Wednesday night of last week, being found dead Thursday morning.  He drove to Louisville Wednesday and went to the apartment of his friend Mr. R. B. Tyler to spend the night.  He retired early, as he was complaining of not feeling well, and especially that he had a pain in his chest.  When Mr. Tyler came to retire, Mr. Dickinson seemed to be sleeping soundly but was found dead the next morning, having expired sometime in the night, seemingly without a struggle.  He was 68 years old and had spent his entire life in the banking business in Glasgow.  He is survived by his wife, formerly Hadie Trigg, one son, Lt. Commander Haiden Trigg Dickinson, and one daughter, Mrs. James W. Bethel of Louisville.
Leech and Davis has opened a Majestic Radio and Majestic Refrigerator shop in the building on Green Street formerly occupied by the Chamber of Commerce.  The business is in charge of Mr. Jess Cassady.  Mr. Cassady is an expert electrician and has been a thorough student of the radio for several years.  He will be glad to show you his stock of machines or will help solve your problems at any time.  He will do repair work of the highest grade.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Trigg National Bank Saturday afternoon, Hon. W. L. Porter was elected President to succeed the late Mr. T. P. Dickinson, and Mr. L. W. Redford was elected Vice-President to succeed Mr. Porter, who has held that post for a number of years.  This was a wise move on the part of the management of the bank.  Mr. Porter, who now heads the bank, is both a financier and an attorney, and he is ably assisted by Mr. Redford.  The bank could not have done better.
From Jeffrey.  Stripping tobacco and corn gathering is about over.-----Farmers are busy plowing where the weather will permit.-----Whooping cough is still raging.  Mrs. Mary T. Smith is 32 years old and has been very sick with whooping cough for several weeks, and Mrs. Ana Jones has whooping cough and pneumonia.
Young Lawyer to Locate Here in January.  George J. Ellis Jr., who has been a law student in the University of Louisville, has received his degree and, in the early part of 1931, will open his office here for the practice of his profession.  Mr. Ellis is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Ellis of this city, and we predict for him a successful career.
DECEMBER 11, 1930

Honor Roll of the Poplar Spring School.  Edith Bishop, Christine Harvey, Beulah Ellen Lynn, Paul Jackson, Louvern Matthews, Clarine Bishop, Louvern Mansfield, Harold Matthews, Imogene Bishop, Ruth Matthews, Imo Lynn, Arnold Mansfield, Mildred Thomas and Verda May Matthews.  LEE DURHAM, TEACHER
AD.  BETTER FRUITS. At Christmas time both family and friends expect to have seasonable fruits served.  We have just received a full line of Bananas, Oranges, Apples, Nuts and Candy.  The excellent quality and the lowest prices of our fruits make this store a desirable place for you to buy your Christmas needs. Special Prices on All Crate Goods.  Special Prices given to the School Teachers. ST. CHARLES FRUIT MARKET.  Citizens Bank Building, Washington Street.
Something to Think About.  Twenty years ago tuberculosis was the leading cause of death.  Today it is the sixth.  Twenty years ago, this disease took 5,298 from the ranks in Kentucky, but last year only 2,654 were victims of tuberculosis.  Tubercu- losis, greatly reduced, is still the leading cause of death among young fathers and mothers in Kentucky.  For this reason, we must carry on the fight until it is won.
BUY TUBERCULOSIS SEALS at Christmas time to take part in Kentucky’s crusade against this great enemy of our people.
Telephone Service Is Improved.  The Gainesboro Telephone Company has just completed a direct copper telephone line from here to Scottsville.  Heretofore, all calls from this place had to be relayed via Bowling Green, and this line will save greatly in time, and make for efficiency.
From Forkton.  Mr. William Howard, teacher of the Bray school, has recently had an unusual experience in that five of his pupils of the same class – the second grade spelling class – have tied in the contest for head marks.  They are Lorraine Bartley, Reed McPherson, Ruby McPherson, Annie Loyce Jackson, and Clara Bell Bowles. Perhaps there is not another case like it in the county, and very few, if any, in the Rural Schools of the State.  Mr. Howard “treated” his pupils last week and sent the “treat” to all the absent ones, who were delighted to be so remembered.  This is Mr. Howard’s first school and he has proved himself to be a very efficient teacher.


DECEMBER 18, 1930

Football Banquet.  A large and enthusiastic group assembled at the Hotel Spotswood last Friday night for the Ninth Annual Football Banquet in honor of the Scotties – Glasgow High School’s football team.  J. C. Greer acted as toastmaster
and dropped many spicy jokes in the course of his introductions.  Mr. D. B. Hodge, “Dink” Nelson, Ralph Hammer, Freddie Ganter, Billie Pedigo and R. D. Ridley responded to toasts.  The speakers seemed to be trying to outdo each other in telling jokes and, although they did dwell a bit on personalities, the speeches reflected the true football spirit and were very enjoyable.  At the conclusion, Winn Davis presented the Caldwell Medal to Loren Nelson, naming him the most valuable player for the 1930 season.
Terrible Accident.  Mr. Guy Jackman of Chestnut Grove, happemed to a terrible accident Wednesday afternoon of last week, when his hand got caught in a corn shredder which practically ate the arm up to above the elbow, forcing an amputa- tion between the elbow and shoulder.  Mr.Jackman is a splendid citizen and his misfortune is greatly regretted by many.
Dan Cupid Strikes Two Couples at One Shot.  Mr. Byron Reddick of Frankfort , Indiana, and Miss Mary Ann Wade, and Mr. Luther Wade and Miss Olean Perkins  were united in marriage by a double wedding by Rev. Hulse at the Methodist parsonage last Saturday.  Mr. Reddick is a prosperous farmer of his section, and his bride is a daughter of Mrs. Alice Wade of Temple Hill.  Mr. Wade, also a farmer, is a son of Mrs. Alice Wade, and the new Mrs. Wade is a daughter of Mrs. Annie Perkins of Eighty Eight.  Both couples are prominent in their sections and have the best wishes of their friends.
From Austin.  The new church at Mt. Olivet will soon be completed if the weather stays suitable for work. As soon as the church is completed, a singing school will be held there conducted by Prof. L. E. Butrum of Lucas.
AD.  JEWELRY.  From the creation of the world, the Maker destined that Gems and Jewelry made from His hidden treasures of precious stones and valuable metals would be pleasing to the eye, appreciated by the mind, and desired by the heart.  From the beginning of time it has been proven so, and a gem or jewel coming into our possession today is often cherished, treasured, and prized with a growing interest and appreciation as the days grow into years.  Need more be said?

DECEMBER 18, 1930 Make it a JEWELRY Christmas for him or her.  You are cordially invited to shop here where your purchase is neatly cased or boxed, bearing our name – representative of quality and satisfaction.  M. L. DRANE, JEWELER.  Buy from Drane.  Remember the name.

DECEMBER 25, 1930

DISASTROUS FIRE.  Fire, which was discovered about 2 o’clock Friday night, destroyed the Carpenter  & Bayless ax handle factory beyond the depot.  The factory had not been in operation for two or three weeks and, as no fire was known to have been in the factory, it is not known how it originated.  The entire factory was destroyed except for the boiler room, which was saved by the fire department.  Much machinery and stock was destroyed.  One spectator, Mr. Felix Gully, is said to have been painfully injured by a falling telephone pole.
An alarm of fire Saturday night brought the fire boys to the depot, where it was found that the combination baggage and colored passenger coach was on fire, and it was soon extinguished with a loss of perhaps $2000.  It is believed that the fire started from a lighted match which the night watchman dropped in some trash when he lighted his lantern.
L & N Depot Robbed.  Last Friday night a thief or thieves entered the depot at this place, opened the safe and took out about $80, closed the safe and locked it and disappeared without leaving their address.  The combination seems to have been worked by an expert without in any way damaging the lock or door.
Attempted Holdup.  One night last week at about 5:30, Mr. J. H. Harlin was sitting in his insurance office on Race Street when a young man walked in and asked Mr. Harlin if he had any work for him,  Mr. Harlin, of course, said no, and the fellow replied that he had to get work or money “right now.”  Just at that moment Mrs. Harlin walked into the office and, suspecting what was up, walked up to the young man, who turned and ran out.  The only reason Mrs. Harlin didn’t smash his head was because she had nothing with which to do the work.  She followed him out on the street, as did Mr. Harlin, and called Policeman Wooten, who arrested the fellow.  But as he had not drawn a weapon, nor done any harm, the judge turned him loose.  He then joined two other young men – his partners – and they departed for parts unknown.

DECEMBER 25, 1930

The educational building of the First Christian Church has been completed and was occupied last Sunday by the entire school, for the first time. The building is of brick, tile and cement except, of course, the upper floors and a few steps and special parts.  The big front door is absolutely the only wood on the outside, the windows, sash and frames being glass and metal.  So it can be said the building is almost fireproof.  There is a fireproof passage between the new building and the old, making it easy to pass from the Sunday School building to the church audi- torium without exposure to the weather.
ANNOUNCEMENT.  I have accepted the agency of the Watkins Products, my territory being north of the Burkesville Road and east of the Jackson Highway.  I hope to visit the good citizens of this territory at an early date, and shall have some very attractive offers to make you.  You’ll save money by buying more from your WATKINS DEALER.  Save money! Get better quality! Shop Conveniently in Your Home! C. E. WISDOM, GLASGOW, KY, ROUTE 3.
GREETINGS – WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!  The Old Planing Mill;  Jenkins and Darwin Bros.; Washington Manufacturing Company; Glasgow Ice Cream and Cold Storage Company;  W. F. Neeley;  Grinstead’s Grocery and Meat Market;  Hotel Spotswood;  Pedigo Bros. Garage.
Married Sixty-one Years.  Mr. Lawrence G. Lowery of the Millersburg section was in our office recently, looking spick and span for a man past middle life.  Just how old he is, he may not want to say, but the lady that he led to the altar on the 19th of December sixty-one years ago is feeling fine—as he is.  They have a son who has been living in California for 28 years, and four daughters, all of whom live in the same neighborhood as their parents.  In a few days, Mr. and Mrs. Lowery will move from their old stamping ground to a Home about four miles out the Fountain Run Road.


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