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   AUGUST 2 – 6

MONDAY:  Plans for dedication of the new state tuberculosis hospital in Glasgow moved forward this week as committees held a series of meetings to complete arrangements for the program.  Dedication of the institution has been set for August 25.

TUESDAY:  Dr. and Mrs. Paul York have returned from the big red hog Congress in Cedar rapids, Iowa.  The good doctor is now, more than ever, sold on the virtues and the value of the Great Red Duroc.  He has one of the finest herds of this type in this section of Kentucky.  Dr. Gordon Clark can vouch for that, because Paul recently presented him with a nice 600-pounder for his herd and pig-pen located in Trigg Court here.

WEDNESDAY:  LOCAL RADIO STATION IN DEAL WITH MUTUAL BROADCASTING:  At a meeting of the board of directors of the local radio station a few days ago manager Louis Rayburn was instructed to negotiate a contract for hooking the station here to Mutual Broadcasting Company programs.  Mutual is one of the really big outlets, and has many of the finest radio programs now on the airways of this country.  Public announcement will be forthcoming when the contract is closed.

THURSDAY:   Investigation was continuing late yesterday in the Tuesday night robbery of Will Ogden, 87, who was brutally assaulted at his home near the railroad tracks west of town and robbed of $135.

     Mr. Ogden suffered a deep cut on the bridge of his nose and a badly bruised left cheek when he was struck several times by a lone assailant.  His condition was termed satisfactory yesterday morning at the Samson Community Hospital.

FRIDAY:  Martin Nealy, orderly at the Clinic Hospital who was injured last week in an automobile accident, was reported improving this week at the Samson Community Hospital.  His left arm was amputated above the elbow as a result of the accident.

     A passenger in the car Nealy was driving, Maggie Jones, Glasgow, suffered cuts and bruises and was treated at the hospital.

     State Police said Nealy’s car collided with a truck loaded with freshly picked green beans shortly after the automobile rounded a curve near Oakland.  Driver of the truck was listed as Everett Lee Copeland, Jamestown, Tenn.



                                                        AUGUST 9 – AUGUST 13

MONDAY:  A forgery ring which has been operating in this section the past several days was smashed Monday and two Metcalfe County brothers were arrested by local officers in connection with cashing spurious checks.

     Nabbed by officers were Malcolm and Morris Brown, both of near Edmonton.  Malcolm Brown was released to Metcalfe officers Monday afternoon to face charges there while Morris Brown remains in county jail.  Bond has been set at $1,000 and $500 on two separate charges and examining trial will be held Saturday morning in county court.

TUESDAY:  A comprehensive report on Glasgow’s recreational activities this summer was issued yesterday by the city recreation commission showing a total attendance of 20,605 at the city’s three parks and one swimming pool.  For the 67 days average attendance was 262. 

WEDNESDAY:  Calls for physical examinations at the local draft board office, which serves Barren, Allen, and Monroe counties, have been increased and 150 men are now scheduled to go to Louisville this month for physical checks, Mrs. Irene Logsdon, clerk of the board, has announced. 

THURSDAY:  DR. CLIFTON RICHARDS TO BE ON JOB AT EARLY DATE:  It was good to see Dr. Clifton Richards out for a ride this week.  Off for several weeks at his home on South Jackson, the good doctor will soon be able to resume practice.  This will be good news to his host of friends everywhere, for Clifton Richards is one of the most popular and capable gentlemen to be found on the face of the earth.

FRIDAY:  Squirrel season will open in Kentucky August 15 this year and will continue through November 5.  Hunters are restricted to a bag limit of six squirrels a day, according to state law.  Fish and Game Department regulations also require that automatic and repeating shot guns must all be plugged to three shot capacity.  That is law.


                                                    AUGUST 16 – AUGUST 20

MONDAY:  In a raid Saturday afternoon conducted by officers from the sheriff’s office and the city police department, a man and woman were arrested and several cases of home brew found in the Hardintown section near east city limits.

     Arrested by officers were Albert Dodson, 66, and Julia Cross.  Examining trial will be held for the pair in county court Saturday.

     Found in Dodson’s home were four cases of home brew, about five gallons of unbottled home brew in a crockery barrel, a bottle capper and a number of caps.  Two cases of bottled home brew were found at Cross’s home nearby.

TUESDAY:  The fire department was called to the 700 Serv-O-Center at the corner of Wayne and South Green Streets Tuesday afternoon when smoke was seen issuing from a gasoline pump.  Electrical wiring was cited as the cause of the smoke but there was no damage.

WEDNESDAY:  A 1949 Chevrolet sedan, stolen in Louisville several weeks ago, was recovered in Glasgow Tuesday night.  The car had been resold three times and had been legally purchased by a salesman who stopped here.  Two Louisville detectives came to Glasgow to arrange for the car’s return.

THURSDAY:  Young Buddy Alexander, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alexander, Radio Court, suffered a hemorrhage of the right eye this week following an injury to the eyeball last week when a glancing shot from a BB air rifle struck his eye.  It was believed that he was recovering satisfactorily from the accident when complications set in and he is now in danger of losing complete sight of the eye.

FRIDAY:  Three Barren County youths were lodged in county jail in default of $1,500 bond each after they were arrested in connection with the theft of a quantity of cured meat last week.

     The trio, all about 21, were identified as Joe Frank Nichols, Junior Pedigo and Elvin Pedigo.

All are residents of the Eighty-Eight section.  The two Pedigo boys were released on bond.

     They were charged the theft of six hams, three shoulders, and three pieces of “side meast” from the smokehouse of H. C. Riddle of the Poplar Springs community.  The meat was valued at from $175 to $200 by Mr. Riddle.

     Arrest of the three youths followed an extensive investigation by Barren and Warren officers.  The meat was sold to a business concern in Bowling Green.


                                                      AUGUST 23 – AUGUST 27

MONDAY:  The Wigwam Village owned and operated by Frank A. Redford, former resident of this section originated and patented the idea for the unique motor court, is pictured in the current issue of a travel guide published in southern California.

     Located in San Bernardino, Calif., the court is similar to the ones near here on Highways 31-E and 31-W.  Called Wigwam Village No. 7, the court also serves as Mr. Redford’s home.

     According to the article, other Wigwams are also located in Arizona, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana.

TUESDAY:  Don’t know the significance, if any, but this happened a few days ago in the courthouse in Glasgow:  Occupants of Tax Commissioner Adwell’s office were startled when a picture of President Truman hanging on the wall fell to the floor with a crash.  A few minuets later the same thing happened in the office of Circuit Clerk Ross Settle just up the hall, and both pictures fell face down.  Don’t know the folklore associated with such happening; but wager you it is bad.

WEDNESDAY:  Porter Wallace, Leitchfield, Ky., and former Buick dealer there has taken over the Buick dealership in Glasgow. Mr. Wallace and W. R. Dickenson, Glasgow, completed business transactions Wednesday and Mr. Wallace took over the business.  Mr. Wallace, his wife and six children will move to Glasgow to make their home as soon as arrangements can be made for a suitable residence.  Mr. Dickinson has been the Buick dealer in this place for 31 years.

THURSDAY:  The bus ticket agent in the Dee Holmes restaurant has sold four round trip tickets to points in California at $104.64 each.  The trip requires four days and nights.

FRIDAY:  A local holiday for Glasgow, in observance of the dedication of the new tuberculosis hospital here, has been proclaimed for Friday by Mayor Leslie Moran.

     Calling the occasion a “red letter day in the life of Glasgow, Barren and the counties comprising this district,” Mayor Moran asked that all business houses and professional offices be closed from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in order that all citizens of Glasgow might have an opportunity to attend opening of the hospital.

                                                       AUGUST 30 – AUGUST 31

MONDAY:  An early morning derailment of seven cars of a north bound Louisville and Nashville freight train Monday caused a ten-hour tie-up in rail traffic on the main L & N line.  No one was injured in the mishap;

     The accident occurred just north of Park City at the tunnel which extends under Highway 31-W.  Two of the freight’s cars were derailed in the tunnel while the other five left the rails just outside.

     The blocked rail line caused a temporary disruption of mail and passenger service.  Passenger train No, 3 from Louisville to Nashville was re-routed around by Evansville as was No. 4 which runs from New Orleans to Cincinnati.

TUESDAY:  Robert Turner, 21, Glasgow, was injured Monday night when a dynamite-laden truck which he was driving overturned near Ashland City, Tenn.  The cargo did not explode.

     The accident occurred near the scene where a dynamite truck burned last spring, causing the death of two and injury to others.


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