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  JULY 1 – JULY 2

THURSDAY:  Two men in Hart County jail in Munfordville have admitted last week’s break-in of a combined filling station and store at Griderville, according to Sheriff Jesse Edmunds.

     Admitting the burglary, which netted some $12 to $15 in silver are Buel Dudley Vincent, 22, Cave City, and Gilbert Meredith, 49, Bonnieville.  A safe which the pair took contained only records and was later found opened near Cave City.

FRIDAY:  Showing at the Trigg Theater:  ‘THE FIGHTING GRINGO’ starring George O’Brien.  Also, Blue Ribbon Cartoon – “Double Chaser” and Chapter No. 4 Serial “Cody of the Pony Express.”

    JULY 5 – JULY 9

     MONDAY:  Bids on new additions planned at the Samson Community Hospital will be opened today, it has been announced by Winn Davis, chairman of the hospital board.

     Expected to cost over $400,000, the addition planned at the hospital will be centered chiefly in a new wing to be constructed at the south end of the hospital and extending to within about 75 feet of the Norris Nurses Home.  A renovation and change of the departments is also planned in the existing structure.  Improvements will approximately double present bed space along with providing increased facilities.

TUESDAY:  Few here realize the popularity of pool in Glasgow.  There are four pool halls here, one of which opens at five-thirty in the morning.  All close at eleven p.m.  Rural folks, it was learned, engage in the game to greater extent than do folks in town.  The busy season is in the winter months, when all places of business are crowded thru the day.  Even at five-thirty in the morning business is brisk both in the summer and winter season. 

WEDNESDAY:  Rev. W. L. Huntsman, of Oak Ridge, Tenn., has accepted the call extended him by the First Presbyterian Church here.  Rev. Huntsman and family are expected to be around the first of August.

THURSDAY:  Winner of the car given away Thursday night by the Cave City Board of Trade was Jack Stewart, Waukegan, Ill.  Proceeds from the give-away have been used by the organization to finance construction of a swimming pool at Cave City.

FRIDAY:  The thirty-one Boy Scouts of the Mammoth Cave Council who are attending the Jamboree at Valley Forge, Penn., will be arriving at Cave City by train Sunday at three P.m.  Twenty-three of the boys are from Glasgow.  Those interested in the Scouts and who have cars available are asked to meet the boys at Cave City, as they will be in need of transportation to Glasgow with their Scout luggage.

     JULY 12 – JULY 16

MONDAY:  The new 3 cent Boy Scout stamp is now on sale at the post office in this city.  The supply is limited.

TUESDAY:  The entire stock of the Hot Point Appliance Store on North Race Street will be sold at auction Thursday, July 13 and Friday, July 14, by Roy B. Payne, auctioneer.  The auctions will start each night at 7:30.

WEDNESDAY:  FIRESTONE Hydro-Flation Service with new electric hydro-flator Saves you time and money!  ADVANTAGES OF HYDRO-FLATION:  More Traction, Increased Tread Life, Retains Pneumatic Principle, Improved Riding Qualities Of Your Tractor, Lowest Possible Cost:  HILL SERVICE CO.  Glasgow and Cave City.  Phone 293.

THURSDAY:  Mr. Henry Holman Dickinson was honored last Tuesday when he observed his 16th birthday anniversary at Mammoth Cave with a picnic dinner by members of the Dickinson family. 

FRIDAY:  Showing Friday and Saturday at the STAR THEATER------“Man From Texas.” Also, Western Musical “Singing Dude” and color cartoon “ Covered Pushcart.”

JULY 19 – JULY 23

MONDAY:  SEARCH FOR FUGITIVE PROVED TO BE FALSE ALARM SUNDAY:  Residents of the Chestnut Grove community were preparing to organize a posse last Sunday to search the wooded Slash section when the word was spread that a man answering the description of James Irwin Robinson, 31, wanted for murder in Louisville, had been seen on various occasions in the neighborhood.  Robinson is the object of a nation-wide search and wanted in connection with the July 7 disappearance of three-year old Joyce Joan Shouse of Louisville.

     A man answering the description of Robinson had been appearing at a country store in the Chesnut Grove neighborhood, purchasing a small quantity of cheese and crackers and other food items and disappearing into the nearby wooded area.  Residents of the community told officers that the man was stooped and walked with a shuffling gait, characteristics of the wanted man.

     Witnesses at the store stated that the man acted very strange and had very little to say to anyone.  Police headquarters here was notified and asked to investigate.  When officers arrived they had little trouble locating the man.

     He was not Robinson.  He had been in jail here a few days before and had walked unnoticed out of a crowded court room Saturday while waiting to be called for a hearing on a misdemeanor charge.  He had evidently been hiding out from officers who were not interested in finding him.  The man had been arrested on numerous occasions and officers stated he was a drug addict.

TUESDAY:  Five Glasgow men who were arrested here by FBI and members of the Sheriff’s office in connection with the theft of cigarettes from an interstate carrier, have been released from the Warren County jail on bond of $1,000 each.  They were Lee R. Jobe, John E. Bunch, Charles L. Davis, Roger E. Davis, and Ewell E. Peden.  The theft occurred May 30 from a truck of the Mohawk Lines.  The five will appear before the Federal grand jury which convenes in Bowling Green next November.


WEDNESDAY:  Speaking of old remedies, how about this one, as told us by Oscar Harvey:  For night sweats, place a pan of water under the bed; for aches and pains, pace an ordinary file under the bed.  Oscar declares he has been told that both have proven to be effective by those who have tested the old time cures.

THURSDAY:  For two and one-half hours traffic was blocked on the Bowling Green Road today by construction of the gas pipeline thru that area.  Steps should be taken to see this doesn’t happen again on the crossing of other roads by the pipeline builders.

FRIDAY:  The playground for kiddies at the Star Theater on North Jackson Highway will be completed this month, said manager W. D. Aspley.  A merry-go-round, corkscrew slide and a number of swings have been installed, and are now being used by the youngsters.  Other equipment will be added from time to time.

JULY 26 – JULY 30

MONDAY:  Work in nearing completion on renovation of the building formerly occupied by Gerald’s Hotpoint Store on north Race Street, to be used as a restaurant.  Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Lewis, operators of the Canary Steak House, will be in charge of the establishment.

TUESDAY:  THREE ARRESTED IN HOG THEFT RING IN NORTHERN PART OF THIS COUNTY:  Three negro men were in jail this week under $10,000 bond each in connection with recent hog thefts.  Two were nabbed Saturday by officers as they drove away from the George Tucker farm with hogs in a compartment of their car, while a third man was picked up late Tuesday.

     Charged with grand larceny, the two were listed as Frank Lawrence Williams, about 46, Coral Hill, and Glen McMillan, 38, of near Glasgow.

     The third man, Buck Williams, Savoyard, brother of Frank, was picked up Tuesday on a grand larceny count and held in jail as an accessory.

WEDNESDAY:  Rain, Rain; go away for a day!  July hereabouts is the wettest and the coolest in the memory of the oldest citizen.  The farmers need a long warm

 spell for growing crops, that by the way, appear to be the most abundant in a great many years.

THURSDAY:  The Korean war drew nearer to home as the Defense Department listed Sgt. Elmer Hodge as missing in action in Korea.  Sgt. Hodge is a native of the Merry Oaks area, this county, and is the husband of Mrs. Irene Hodge, Route 1, Brownsville, Ky.

FRIDAY:  A second draft call for 13 young men in Barren, Monroe, and Allen counties to receive physical examinations on August 8 was announced by Mrs. Irene Logsdon, clerk of local board No. 2.

     The second call follows an announcement last week that 20 men from the tri-county area would be sent to Louisville next Monday for physicals.  The group is the first to be called from the board in about 20 months.  



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