Friday, 27 December 2013 08:05

The Glasgow Police Department is proud to announce it has recently fulfilled the Accreditation Standards as established by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police, thus earning Accreditation Status.

In preparation for obtaining the Accreditation, Chief Guy Turcotte and Captain Eddie Lindsey both completed the Kentucky Accreditation Manager Training Course.

This course is designed to assist the Accreditation Manager with all phases of the Accreditation process. By participation in this course, both Chief Turcotte and Captain Lindsey are now versed in interpreting a standard, reading and writing a directive to meet compliance, identifying and showing proofs of compliance and have a working knowledge of both the standards and process and programs manuals, which was of great value in navigating through the Accreditation process.

There are many benefits to an agency who earns the Accreditation status which include:

Providing a means of independent evaluation of agency operations

Providing a basis to correct deficiencies in the agency's operation before they become public problems

Requiring that agencies commit policies and procedures in writing

Providing a norm for an agency to judge its performance

Has the potential to reduce liability insurance costs

Promoting accountability among agency personnel and the evenhanded application of policies

Enhancing the reputation of the agency, thereby helping to attract the most qualified candidates for employment

Minimizing an agency's exposure to liability, reducing vicarious liability suits

Building a stronger defense against lawsuits and citizen complaints

Increasing the community's confidence in its Police Department


To recognize agencies for meeting standards of excellence the Glasgow Police Department will receive the formal Accreditation certificate at the K.A.C.P. 42nd Annual Conference in August of this year. The Accreditation Certification is good for a five (5) year period. Upon receiving affirmation of our Department's Accreditation status, Chief Turcotte had these comments: “It was a team effort to obtain our department’s accreditation and we will hold our department to the high standards that come with this distinction.”



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