Monday, 18 November 2013 07:19

"My name is David Honeycutt, lifelong resident of Barren County, and I am actively seeking the nominaton of Barren County Judge Execuive.  My experience of 21 years with the City of Glasgow as the Building and Electrical Inspector and other related duties help to qualify me for this position.  Over that time I have worked closely with local and state agencies as well as private parties to facilitate residential, business and industrial development.  It shall be my goal to make county government work for the people of Baren County and do it in the most efficient way possible. I want to promote our community strengths such as our large agricultural industry, community work ethic and our manufacturing experience, while preserving our local agricultural heritage.  I am enthusiastic to work with area community and business leaders to foster an environment conducive to community grouwth and industril development.  I wan to assure the citizens of Barren County that I will conduct county government in a transparent accessible and efficient manner.  I would appreciate your consideration and support and look forward to a spirited campaign and the opportunity to meet and speak with the citizens of Barren County."

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