Monday, 29 July 2013 06:42

Dual credit has become a popular means for students to begin their college careers.  Most high school students in this region have taken advantage of Western Kentucky University’s Dual Credit Program in which they earn high school and college credit.  Another advantage, of course, is that dual credit is used as a means to help prepare high school students for high education, as well.

“As the state of Kentucky continues to make college readiness a priority, it is essential for high school students to take advantage of this opportunity,” said WKU-Glasgow’s Coordinator of Communications and Student Recruitment, John Roberts. “At a fraction of the cost of normal tuition, dual credit courses offer high school students with an affordable way to prepare for college. This is important because it will help high school students with the transition into college, which often times, is the greatest challenge that high school students face in college.  Statistically, those students who do complete dual credit courses are more likely to complete a college degree.”

In an effort to reach out beyond public schools in the region, WKU-Glasgow will host an informational session on Thursday, August 1st to share information about WKU’s Dual Credit Program for high school students who are home-schooled or enrolled in a private school.

“Our mission at WKU is to be of service to our entire region by meeting the needs of those who wish to pursue a college degree,” said Roberts.


This is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week- Today we are patting on the back the “Unseen First Responders”. Beverly Harbison and employees- Julie Greer, April Dunbar, Dennis Hatcher, Laura Lee Williams, Amy Houchin, Colleen Hamilton, Schelly Vance, Pan Lyons, Jim Spears, Lisa Shirley, Teresa Bull, Alison Burton, Matthew Vaughn, Bill Ekhardt, Bill Shoopman, Kathy Tyree, Joe Perry, Joann Eaton.

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