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Just about a week ago, a disciplinary hearing was held in regards to Sgt. Jessie Barton of the Glasgow Police Department.  The City Council found Barton guilty on two Code of Ethics charges and another charge of Unbecoming Conduct of an Officer.  Barton was set to return to the force yesterday as the City Council placed him on suspended, un-paid leave until July 8th.


Shortly after last week’s disciplinary hearing, an e-mail was sent to all 12 council members from WCLU News requesting their opinion on the matter.  Not only were they asked about Barton, but also the alleged behavior of Chief Turcotte that was deemed “inappropriate” by fellow officer, Lieutenant Detective Jimmy Phelps.  Only two council members, Stacy Hammer and Wendell Honeycutt, responded with further comment.


These were Councilwoman Stacy Hammer’s comments:


“ I had several calls regarding Sgt. Barton that were all letting me know how fine of an officer he is. I have met Sgt. Barton myself and he was always respectful toward me. This is always a very difficult matter for any person to listen to evidence and decide on if he was to be let go of his job. Sgt. Barton explained to the council that he was guilty and

deserved punishment. I personally thought he was needed back on the Glasgow Police Department due to this being his first major violation. I do hope that Sgt. Barton has learned from this lesson and I think that he has.  We do not always make the right decision on situations, but I do believe that it was hard for Sgt. Barton to come forward with the truth and that to me is what swayed my decision.”


“I take my job as your city councilwoman very seriously and Chief Guy Turcotte of the Glasgow Police Department was chosen by all of us. Yes, there was a committee and I know that there were some very qualified people in those applications. I personally did not see but you do hear. In my opinion, I would love for our Glasgow Police Department get the recognition that they deserve, but it starts with how your chief runs the

staff. I think it is our duty as council members to see that the police department runs as smoothly as our other departments do. I love this city and I along with the other council members would like to be able to see that happen to the Glasgow Police Department.”


Again, those comments from Councilwoman, Stacy Hammer.


Councilman Wendell Honeycutt also offered his opinion via e-mail, and these were his comments:


“The charges and what Sgt. Barton admitted to doing were very serious.  I felt his spotless record as a patrolman and later as a supervisor coupled with the fact that he came forward and did the best he could do to correct his lapse in judgment warranted giving him a second chance.  Sgt. Barton’s actions could not go unpunished.  I hope the suspension without pay for such a long time sends a strong message.”


“As far as Chief Turcotte is concerned, I will have to say he was not the one for whom the hearing was being held.  The testimony at the hearing left an extremely distorted view of Chief Turcotte’s actions according to what I understand they were.”


Again, those comments from Councilman, Wendell Honeycutt.



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