Wednesday, 08 May 2013 04:37

Tuesday morning in Federal Court in Bowling Green,  cross- examination of  FBI agent Mike Brown continued.  He denied making several statements earlier witnesses claimed he did, including telling one deputy “you can be a teammate or an inmate”.  He also was asked why he instructed a private citizen to collect evidence from the scene.  Brown said it was the fastest way to secure the bloody glove.


Also a Special Agent Michael Shafer was a witness for the prosecution.  His testimony was basically about an interview he had with Eric Guffey on March 7, 2011.


Then a juror raised his hand and asked to speak with the Judge.

After returning  to open court from lunch Judge Joseph McKinley said the question the juror was that he wanted to know if blood was found on the knife or vial.  The answer was no, nor were they ever tested for blood.


Defense  lawyers then moved for acquittal on all charges. Each talked about the reasons they felt their clients should be acquitted.  The prosecution lawyers gave reasons to the contrary.  Judge McKinley denied all requests.


First Witness for the defense was Detective Ron Lafferty with the Drug Task Force. He gave his accounts of February 24, 2010.  He said he and Eric Guffey were in their office when they hear of the chase of Billy Ray Stinnett. He said he arrived at the church and jumped out of his truck and went to the van that Stinnett had crashed and made sure no one else was in it.  Lafferty testified that he saw Guffey running to that area.   Lafferty testified that he didn’t see anyone strike anyone.

Lafferty was asked what he had on and he said blue jeans and a blue vest.

Prosecutors showed Lafferty a photo of Guffey in a brown coat.  Lafferty said he didn’t know when Guffey put the coat on.  Earlier testimony from eyewitnesses said all police officers had on brown uniforms.  Also Lafferty testified that when he went before the Grand Jury that he felt threatened.  He said the met with Joshua Judd, US Attorney twice and Agent Brown and they called him a liar.

The last witness of the day was Dr. George Nichols, a licensed physician certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology and forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine.

He was shown pictures of Stinnett body and asked if he had seen this before and he said he had.  He testified that the laceration to the head could not have been caused by fist.  He explained the difference in lacerations and contusions.  Nichols opinion is that an ASP Tactical Baton strike like those described by witnesses would at least show the imprint of the baton itself when the area of the body are not covered by heavy clothing or padding.     The defense will continue presenting their case this morning at 9 am.



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