Friday, 03 May 2013 13:05


A number of witnesses have taken the stand in the Friday morning session of U.S. District Court in Bowling Green, the 5th day of the trial of 3 Barren County law enforcement officers.  Harold Lynn Feese, a deacon at Calvary Baptist Church had arrived near the end of the apprehension of Billy Stinnett.  Feese estimated there could’ve been up to 250 persons of all ages in the building at the time Stinnett crashed into it.  Feese returned the next morning to check the damage to the building and noted blood on the ground, the building and the outside air conditioning unit.


Next on the witness stand this morning was KSP forensics scientist Bridget Holbrook.  She told the court that she had been given pictures of the scene, of injuries to Stinnett and statements of witnesses.  She said she could not make a definite determination by photos, but that his head injuries were consistent with someone who had been on the ground.  She also said she went to the scene in August of 2011, a year and a half after the incident,  but she couldn’t verify that the blood had actually been there.  Defense attorneys further asked Holbrook if she could tell if the injuries caused the blood splatter, or even how many blood spatter events had occurred.  She said, “anything’s possible”


Dr. Lee Carter from T.J.Samson’s emergency room was the attending physician that day and he treated Billy Stinnett. During his testimony he used the medical record to help recall the incident since it was over 3 years ago.  Dr. Carter said Stinnett’s injuries were consistent with blunt force trauma.  He was treated with staples, but given no pain medication.   He also had left shoulder , left elbow and right knee bruises .  Dr. Carter said Deputy Aaron Bennett had what’s known as a “Boxer Blow” which someone has  to make a fist to get the injury.  Very similar questioning was asked to Nurse Practitioner Mary Anderson from T.J. Samson Hospital.   Anderson actually put the staples in Stinnett’s head, and said he was very co-operative.  Both Dr. Carter and Nurse Anderson testified that it is theoretically possible some of the bruising could’ve occurred while trying to handcuff Stinnett.



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