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As the afternoon continued, WCLU's Nellie Pickett, who has been in the courtroom all week says defense attorneys asked Billy  Stinnett about his civil suit where he had first asked for 50 thousand dollars in damages from the parties involved, and said as a part of the deal he wanted Sheriff Chris Eaton to lose his job. After filing three times he raised it to 25 million.   Attorneys asked Stinnett if he was told that a conviction of the three co-defendants would insure he was going to win the civil suit, the only thing in question was the amount.  Stinnett said he was not told that.   Mr. True ask Stinnett what was in his hand in a picture they were showing him where he was standing at Adam Minor’s cruiser and he said it is my watch.  True ask him where he got the watch and he said somebody must have given it to me.  True replies, “so these officers beat you up and then were nice enough to take off your watch because of the handcuffs.”  Stinnett replied that the watch might have been in his pocket.


The next witness called was Kelly Billingsley, father of two of the youth who were at Calvary Baptist Church and were witnesses to the events of the afternoon of February 24th.  Billingsley said his children were upset and he was concerned for their safety.  He said after a couple of days he thought the right thing to do was to mention the incident of Glasgow Police Detective Jennifer Arbogast at Wendys.  Arbogast told that information to then Police Chief Horace Johnson, who contacted the FBI in Bowling Green.   Kelly Billingsley said he was at the church on Thursday night, March 4, 2010 for basketball practice and his brother wanted him to come outside he wanted to show him something.  When he went out he found a glove that had blood on it.  He called Agent Brown and he told him to first take a picture of it, don't touch it and then to get a clean bag  and put it in until he could come and get it.  Brown said he was out of the area for a few days.  Billingsley said that he was afraid it was going to rain so he went back to the church with his daughter on Saturday and took pictures of the places he found blood.   Upon cross examination Attorney Guthrie True advised Billngsley that Agent Brown was not out of the area the day he called him, he was in Glasgow at the sheriff’s office and at the jail interviewing Billy Stinnett.  True said he was surprised that the FBI asked him to collect the evidence…Billingsley responded that he was too.


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