Thursday, 02 May 2013 13:40


In proceedings in Federal Court in Bowling Green today, attorneys wrapped up their questioning of Glasgow Police Officer Jessie Barton, reviewing the instances and reasoning of why Barton had lied in interviews about the details of the of the incident in February of 2010.  And again he reiterated he didn’t want anything to happen to fellow law enforcement officers. Two additional points of his testimony, Barton said he was 100% sure he saw Chris Eaton hit Billy Randall Stinnett in the groin, and that he did not observe Stinnett having any trouble getting into the vehicle after being apprehended.

Next up on the witness stand, Billy Randall Stinnett, who is now 31 years of age and admitted in court today that he was high on the day of his arrest some 3 years ago, that he was cooking meth, and that he ran because he didn’t want to go back to jail.  Stinnett testified that he put the meth lab in his van because his girlfriend and her children had come to his house and he didn’t want the kids around the lab, so he took off in the van.  Stinnett described how he tried to run after wrecking into the Calvary Baptist Church, and remembered trying to open a door that was locked.  He said that’s when he saw Chris Eaton running toward him and so he put his hands behind his head and fell to the ground.  He told the court he didn’t recognize the others coming toward him, but he remembered the nametag with “Bennett” on it.  Stinnett also testified that he was punched in the head several times, and that Eaton had struck him on the arm and the shoulder with the baton.  When asked if he remembered Eaton kicking him in the groin, he said “he did not remember that.”   Stinnett also testified that he later recognized Deputy Adam Minor, because they had gone to high school together.  Stinnett said Minor helped sit him up after his arrest.  Stinnett was taken to T.J. Samson Hospital, where among other things he was treated for a head injury of some type that required 9 staples.  Other defense attorneys are scheduled to cross examine Stinnett this afternoon.



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