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Questioning of Former Barren County Deputy Adam Minor was wrapped up in the Wednesday afternoon session of Federal Court.  Attorneys seemed to want to review Minor’s account again of what happened that day.  He said he was the fourth person there.  Chris Eaton first, then Eric Guffey, then Aaron Bennett jumped the fence right before Minor did.  He said Eaton came over the radio screaming that he had Stinnett.    Minor said he saw blood on Stinnett when he first arrived.  Minor was asked again about the statement one of the reasons that he wanted to come forward was to clear Deputy Bobby McCown because he had been indicted yet he wasn’t at the scene of the apprehension.

Defense Attorney Guthrie True then asked “if Bobby was your friend why did you wait two years to clear his name?”   Minor said he didn’t know that Bobby been indicted until the civil suit came out.  True then asked  “but you still didn’t clear his name then did you?” He answered no.

Attorney True told him that there was nothing in FBI Agent Mike Brown’s notes of his first interview with him about McCown or his innocence.   Minor replied,   “I  told them several times.”


Glasgow Police Sergeant   Jessie Barton was the next witness. He stated he became involved in the chase and   put stop sticks on Edmonton Road at Coral Hill Road.  When that didn’t stop Stinnett   Barton says he proceeded  down Columbia Avenue and eventually stopped at the church where Stinnett had crashed.    Barton said in court that’s when he saw Eaton punch Stinnett in the groin, but on other occasions during interviews he said he just heard a groan. Barton’s testimony also included an admission that he lied to a federal grand jury because, even though they (Sheriff and deputies)  are not the same police agency he still thinks of them as brothers and he didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.    Barton admitted that he told Stinnett that he would like to beat him. When asked if he did, he replied he had better judgment and didn’t do it.


Barton testified that later he called FBI Agent Mike Brown and told him he had lied and he wanted to tell the truth, claiming that  Eaton came toward Stinnett pointing a finger and said” You didn’t expect to see me SOB.”  Then he kicked him in the groin.  True ask him if he had been charged for lying to grand jury and he replied no.


The fourth day of the trial begins Thursday at  9 am





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