Monday, 28 January 2013 09:16

On Sunday, January 27th, at 12:48 am, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from a home owner that a suspicious male subject was knocking on his back door. When the residents made contact with the subject, they were met by 23-year-old Matthew Burton of Auburn, KY.

Burton appeared to be under the influence of an unknown intoxicant, according to the complaint. Residents advised that Burton seemed very confused, disoriented, and appeared to be hallucinating. Burton made several comments that alarmed the resident and attempted to enter into the residence. Also, Burton stated that he had taken a large amount of LSD or acid. When the homeowner would not allow him to come into the residence, Burton attempted to get back into his vehicle to drive away. The homeowner was able to stall Burton until Sheriff’s Deputies could arrive. When Deputies arrived on scene they were met by Burton who was outside next to his vehicle. It finally took 4 Deputies to detain Burton after he refused to comply with commands. After contact was made with the other two subjects, it was later determined that all three subjects were under the influence of a synthetic drug commonly referred to as bath salts.

Burton was arrested and transported to the Medical Center for evaluation. The other two subjects were later located and transported to the Medical Center for evaluation due to their dangerous intoxication level.

Burton's charges were: Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs/Etc. – 2nd offense, Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct Second Degree.



This is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week- Today we are patting on the back the “Unseen First Responders”. Beverly Harbison and employees- Julie Greer, April Dunbar, Dennis Hatcher, Laura Lee Williams, Amy Houchin, Colleen Hamilton, Schelly Vance, Pan Lyons, Jim Spears, Lisa Shirley, Teresa Bull, Alison Burton, Matthew Vaughn, Bill Ekhardt, Bill Shoopman, Kathy Tyree, Joe Perry, Joann Eaton.

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