Monday, 07 November 2011 07:00

It's the time of year when the thrill of the hunt hits home to local gamesmen and women. The Barren County Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone of their responsibility to be a safe hunter. However, the responsibility continues beyond the hunt. Proper disposal of animal carcasses, especially deer, is a very important safety factor many times overlooked.
Solid Waste Coordinator and Code Enforcement Officer, Shannon White says improper disposal, such as along roadsides, causes hazards to drivers, as they attract other animals to the roadsides which can run into traffic.
White says there are two modes of proper disposal. You can bury them or take them to the landfill. Those not abiding by the code can be cited by law enforcement.
The Sheriff's Office is asking for those who travel the roadways of Barren County to keep an eye out for such illegal dumping of deer carcasses and report sightings to their office at 270-651-2771 or the sheriff’s anonymous tip-line at 270-646-8771.



Today is Julie Greer Day.She is 50 today and she works at 911.

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